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There are two different experiences, both called “Big Brother”.

One is the television show Big Brother, as the CBS producers present it to broadcast tv audiences, three times per week. But the other is what is actually going on in the Big Brother house; the experience of the house guests, unfiltered — or at least less filtered — by television editors.

Fetchland presents Ruining Big Brother. It’s less “spoiling” Big Brother and more pulling back the curtain, to ruin our collective illusions about reality television. Enjoy! Or better yet, recoil in horror

Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – James
HOH Nominated – Frank and Bridgette
Veto Winner – Michelle
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Have-Nots – TBD – none yet



As the show begins we see Victor enter the hornets nest to Frank up his butt looking for a brand new BFF. Hey. we get it Frank. Bridgette’s vice gets mad annoying after awhile but try being a little less obvious about it, geez.  Paul and Paulie also have a pow wow to discuss next steps with their “new recruit” one can only assume they’re taking the clippers to Victor’s hair this week given the way things are going. Now that Paulie’s growing a beard, when he stands next to Paul in his new wacko haircut it looks like they’re bringing the twins twist back this season, especially in their matching black tank tops. They’re obsessing about how Frank clings to Victor and plan on how they can get Frank out before him. It’s a win win for Paul most of all because Victor’s his bud from the days of yore, established trust and all.


Natalie kisses James when he wins HOH

The show brings us to the HOH competition next and Big Brother uses that same step from the last challenge Victor and Tiffany competed in for their Battle Back challenge. It’s an electric dance party endurance challenge. Paul gets out first, then Nicole until everybody else falls off one by one except for Bridgette, Mama Day, and James. When it gets to about the five hour point in the challenge, James loudly offers to make some deals. Natalie calls out that she’ll kiss him on the lips if he wins, which is lovely but not what he meant, of course.

FrankMeanwhile down at the end of the line, Frank tries to make a deal with Day so he can allow Bridgette to get down from the challenge. She’s struggling and for some reason Frank always plays the role of her protector. He confides to Mama Day that the reason he doesn’t want her to win HOH is because someone told him that if Day won HOH she’d put him up on the block and that she wants him out before Victor. She says if he tells her who told him that she’ll take her arm down and give HOH to James. Then, in a classic moment of BB “throwing someone under the bus,” Frank tells her it was Nicole. Day takes a moment to collect Herself then calls Nicole out right in front of everyone before she and Bridgette give it to James. Natalie then gives him the promised kiss. It’s a pissfest in the BB house. Nicole is pissed at Frank, Day is pissed at Nicole, and Victor is just thrilled to have all the household attention directed away from him. Da’vonne lies to Nicole and claims to believe her that she never actually told Frank what Mama Day said. Nicole somehow knows Day’s lying and doesn’t believe her. She tells Corey that Day “played it off”. This was Frank’s last chance with Nicole, she says she’ll never trust him again. Thus, he’s made Nicole’s permanent motherfricker list.


James nominates Bridgette and Frank

Paul then fills Victor in all the info he missed out on. He finds out the house is after Frank and Bridgette and all he has to do is lay low to stay safe for two weeks. Victor’s happy and says maybe getting evicted was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. It kept him safe AND he got a cool belt out of it too. Originally James plans to keep his deal with Bridgette to keep her off the block this week. Then most of the house tells him if Bridgette plays Veto she could win it and take off Frank. That would make both of them safe for yet another week. James gets pressure from all sides on this point. The only exception is Natalie who reminds him several time that this is HIS HOH. She’s being a fantastic BB girlfirend and we hope Natalie writes a BB Showmance Guidebook once she’s out of the house because it would be a fun, sparkly, and informative read.  The rest of the house, other than Frank and Bridgette,  approach James with the same instincts and desires all wanting Frank and Bridgette out of the house pronto and totally forgetting Victor the competition BEAST in his cute bunny hat. So, in the end, people-pleaser James nominates Frank and Bridgette.

The feeds for July 24th mainly revolve around Frank fighting to get himself off the block. He talks Michelle’s ears off trying to get her to use the Veto on him and also wanders the house seemingly searching for something. This, of course, gets the feedsters all riled up hoping Frank’s going to find The Secret Room. We shall see. It could just be his way of pacing and thinking. Either way, we’ll keep you posted at on all the latest in the Big Brother house with daily updates and tweets from @RuiningBB18.

– Katherine Recap


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