Card Talk 32
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BDM and I are super excited to welcome Card Talk: The World’s Greatest Magic: the Gathering Podcast to Fetchland!

You might know Gabe Carleton-Barnes as a longtime member of the Top 8 Magic podcast extended family (Gabe used to be a New Yorker working at the Top 8 Magic offices and was then a frequent participant on our podcast); and you probably know him as a current member of Wizards of the Coast’s Grand Prix coverage team. He is a whiz-bang crusher of PTQs (and now PPTQs and RPTQs). He is joined by partner Chris Murray on this and every episode of Card Talk. This week’s will focus on renewals (bringing back Card Talk after some months of hiatus, here on Fetchland), what Gabe and Chris liked (and didn’t) about Magic Origins, plus Gabe once again owning cake (on account of qualifying once again).


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For some reason Chris gives out his phone number on each episode of Card Talk. Text him, I guess! 971.219.2176

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