Avaricious Dragon

Manadeprived Exerpt:
Once more at the corner of Waverly & Gay, you can find Brian and Mike talking about the Invitationals, basketball, comics… you know, everything!

Last week Mike and Brian met on their habitual corner of Waverly and Gay in the West Village of New York City for the usual brand of Top 8 Magic podcasting + “ambient noise”.

While this episode is entitled “Everything” — as in “every thing to every one” — it is not actually about every single possible thing. It is not even about every single possible interesting and germane thing; for instance there is no mention of this [brand new] website on the podcast despite its having been recorded less than one week ago.

However it is about a good many things (some of them good), which we will detail forthwith:

Avaricious Dragon (and some other spoiled cards from Magic Origins) – Mike calls Avaricious Dragon “awesomeawful to lovehate” … He seems torn about completely hating it and speculating about when it might actually be good enough but ultimately decides that the competition relative to Thunderbreak Regent may be too heady. Though Mike had been successful with cards like Bottled Cloister in the past (and Brian points out that archetypes like Burning Bridge have been successful contributors to decks across multiple eras) Mike points out “you can’t Doom Blade a Grafted Skullcap”.

“Draymond Green is a hell of a drug.”

Mike wonders how Andre Iguodala and David Lee can’t crack Steve Kerr’s Golden State Warriors rotation [clearly Steve Kerr listens to this podcast having revised his rotations for games three and four]. Overall Mike is concerned about the fouls on the GSW side, and argues that narratives about “calling it down the middle” or “keeping it even” miss the point if one team is actually fouling much more than the other.

“Everything” is the latest episode of Top 8 Magic, a longstanding podcast hosted by Michael J Flores and Brian David-Marshall, and the spiritual ancestor of Fetchland. Top 8 Magic’s current home is Manadeprived.com and is sponsored by Face to Face Games.