Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Natalie
HOH Nominated – TBD
Veto Winner – TBD
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – Paul
Have-Nots – TBD
Have-Not Supplement – TBD


The Butterfly Effect

The live show of August 18th begins as an exceedingly sad Paulie sits next to Uncle Sam on the block, red-eyed and puffy with an infinite frown. Julie even says in the intro that Paulie has hit “rock bottom” and then they show Paulie crying over the butterfly in the backyard. Next Paulie refuses to make the apple pies. The other houseguests pep talk and prod him to be strong and do the right thing. Make the damn pies, kiddo. Meech is happy because she’s no longer, “the biggest crybaby in the house”. Then Corey’s Paulie pep talk feels a lot like a cutting room takeaway from Hoosiers and BB provides some music in the scene just to let us know how to feel about it. Corey’s speech “works” and Paulie starts campaigning hardcore while waving his tiny pie flag. The funniest part of this section is when he’s campaigning to James who can’t take his eyes off the back and forth of the flag in front of him.


Jurors react to BB videos

In the jury house Da’vonne says her biggest regret is not keeping her mouth shut in the game. Then she’s disappointed to see Zakiyah join her in jury after throwing the HOH. Day then gets seriously righteous about Paulie not using the Veto on Zakiyah, understandably. Bridgette joins them and they’re thrilled to see Michelle’s “goodbye” snake message about Nicole on the BB-provided video. After that the trio chant for Paulie to be the next one evicted.


Paulie has a one way ticket to jury

Speaking of which, Paulie’s goodbye speech goes a bit long as he kisses everybody’s BB butts. Corey has a similar farewell message including that Nicole is “the sweetest cuddliest snake”. Then all the houseguest votes evict Paulie. There’s no sympathy vote after all. His ticket opening feels like a heart-pounding adventure crammed into thirty seconds but then it turns out he just has a one way to the jury house, after all. The suspense was fun, though! Julie asks Paulie about his crying while on the nomination block and he says it was all strategy. She then asks him about Zakiyah and he says he “definitely wasn’t playing her” but also seems uninterested in any relationship with Zak outside the house. Michelle says Paulie’s a “poor man’s Derrick” in her farewell video message which is funny because it’s true. Then once Paulie’s gone the houseguests each open their envelopes and Paul has the one way ticket. Though it’s moot now anyway Paul has fun dancing around in his Secret Service suit and pelican floaty. We’re still fans of the man for moments like this. In the end, Julie reveal a new twist, a jury buyback. So, one of the jurors will get back into the house after they battle it out competition-style..


The Return Ticket holder celebration

After the show on the feeds before the HOH competition there are many re-tellings of Paulie’s campaigning comments. One that keeps coming up is how Paulie advised Michelle AND Natalie to join up with Nicorey so they can put Victor and Paul on the block together as a team. Meech has the most fun of all repeating it. Meanwhile Nicole goes straight to James and tells him to put up Paul and Michelle next to each other rather than putting her on the block – all before anyone has even played in the HOH comp. Then, after a long and apparently messy HOH challenge, Natalie emerges victorious. She’s happy and chatty all night long with her nomination decision still up in the air come morning. We’re excited to see who wins America’s care package to share the HOH by her side. Will it be Victor? Tune in to Fetchland.com and check out our tweets @RuiningBB18 to find out the daily scoop.


Natalie is the new HOH!

– Katherine Recap