Oath of the Gatewatch

Oath of the Gatewatch Spoiler Alert

Posted by Brian David-Marshall | Games, Magic

Kitchen Table Gaming videographer David Troth Wright is back with another Spoiler Alert… This time focusing on Oath of the Gatewatch!

This episode of Spoiler Alert is a shockingly accurate (but nevertheless quite funny) recap of the narrative events in Battle for Zendikar (and of course its follow up set, the nominal Oath of the Gatewatch). Ever wonder how to kill a giant Eldrazi Cthulhu monster? What qualities make for a reliable Planeswalker superhero? Chandra (of Oath of Chandra fame) has you covered on both ends!

What gate exactly are Jace, Chandra, Gideon, and Nissa supposed to be watching again?

Spoiler Alert: Ant-Man Movie

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If you are at all like me — and not like the lucky stiffs who got to attend advance screenings — you will be queuing up to see Paul Rudd in the brand Ant-Man movie this weekend — the latest jaunt into the Marvel cinematic universe. You will probably also be very wary of spoilers before you see it. Well fear not true believers because this edition of Spoiler Alert contains, as always, no actual spoilers. I guess there are some inherent spoilers in the trailer but videographer David Troth Wright does his best every week to unencumber you with any facts by the time they tear your ticket at the theater.

Spoiler Alert: Magic Origins

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While making Kitchen Table Gaming I was fortunate to meet David Troth Wright, a videographer with a passion for geekery and a sideways view of the world. Take his approach to spoilers on his web series Spoiler Alert for example…


They contain no actual spoilers. Here is the official description of the show.

Spoiler Alert is the show where David attempts to review things that aren’t yet. This is a parody review show, only half trying at guessing what will happen in upcoming TV shows, movies, games, and other forms of entertainment. Basically, when we start getting stuff right, it will be A) hilarious and B) a sign that the media in question has completely jumped the shark.

Episodes will discuss movies, TV shows, and with each new set release, Magic: The Gathering. I am happy to present to you Spoiler Alert: Magic Origins.