Game of Thrones finale

A lot like yesterday’s Jurassic World review Brian David-Marshall (bdm) sent me a set of questions to answer before tonight’s Game of Thrones finale. Sadly I didn’t actually finish all of them “before” the finale. Hopefully all these make sense.

I don’t know about you but with the wholesale off-book slaughter we have been seeing this season I have no idea who will live anymore. If you had to bet on someone unexpected dying tonight who would you bet money on?

Meryn Trant. Of course they’re basically hitting us over the heads with Meryn Trant; but I believe he is still breathing in the books. Especially with the thin man missing his mussels murdering, Arya is going to owe the Many-Faced God (all the same to him, as I understand it).

[Post Script: Got that one but apparently off on the opinion of the Many-Faced God]

What is your favorite map animation in the opening? I am a big fan of the coin rolling around Braavos.

I have always liked the animation and detailing on the Titan of Braavos.

How much of an emotional roller coaster has Stannis been this season? What would possibly redeem him at this point?

Winning. Winning something. If Stannis takes Winterfell and liberates Sansa I think that would redeem him in the eyes of many viewers. You can’t imagine he wanted to sacrifice Shireen (and remember this is a guy who sent a shadow demon / spawn after his own brother)… He is way deep in “the ends justify the means” so I guess we’ll see assuming he puts up the dubya.

[Post Script: Well, I guess that’s not happening.]

Was the sacrifice of Shireen revenge on all the book readers for the Red Wedding?

I deleted everything that I had originally written here on account of it would end up looking pretty stupid. I guess the tv producers have a read on Melisandre and Stannis that is quite different from my read [from the books].

I would originally have said that no matter what we think of Melisandre in the abstract she is one of the only people that actually does any magic; who is to say what a terrible price magic costs in Martin’s fantasy universe? Look at what it cost Dany.


I guess the sequence was meant to show Melisandre’s fallibility. Certainly all of this undermines my reading… TLDR: Yes? [I am a book reader]

I would be scavenging everywhere for dragonglass and Valyrian steel. Why isn’t Jon Snow making a bigger deal about that. Doesn’t he know anything?

How much Valyrian steel do you think is loose in the Seven Kingdoms? The Lannisters are more-or-less the richest family in the West and they had no Valyrian sword until stealing Ned’s.

Jon clearly knows the value of dragonglass; but it doesn’t seem to me something they have massive stores of, ether. But anyway, I have it on good account that he knows nothing.

What book character are you most hoping to see in Season 6?

Barristan the Bold 🙁

I hated how he went down. They made such a big deal of Grey Worm saving him from having his throat cut so I assumed he was going to get out of the street fight all right. He is such a great character and such a great influence, so inspiring and so capable even in his old age…

Barristan the Bold 🙁

Drogon v. Indominus Rex?

I think that the field of battle matters a lot. If they’re tangling tooth and claw on the ground I think Indominus rex has got a huge advantage in speed and savagery; further Drogon at this stage is not fully grown. Indominus has razor-sharp teeth and claws, is lightning quick, and no regard for her own safety. On balance, look at how many spears Drogon took in the rescue scene last episode! Drogon isn’t really a great fighter yet and relies wholly on natural talent right now.

However if Drogon has got the higher ground, you know, way up high… I don’t see how Indominus has much of a chance. Indominus can’t even hide in the jungle like she does in Jurassic World; Drogon can just burn down the whole forest.

Overall I’d pick Drogon but it isn’t a sure thing at all. If Drogon gets too close he can end up with his wings shredded and that would be that.

For the sake of non-book readers I am going to ask next question in code and give them a chance to avoid SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

When do you think we will see aetlynCay arkStay again?

I don’t. I assume that they’re just eliminating her life-after-life storyline entirely.


Given that I didn’t finish up my take before the Game of Thrones finale actually aired, armed with a little hindsight, I thought I’d weigh in on Cersei’s Walk of Shame.

My goodness how not-titillating was that?

Lena Headey is my favorite actor on the show and I’ve had a giant crush on her since her role as Queen Gorgo in 300. So given the usual angle of how Game of Thrones is shot and shown I had been looking forward to the scene (and to the show’s most despicable villain finally getting an ounce of punishment).

But man! That was rough to watch not fun to watch at all. I just thought how tough it must have been for Lena Headey herself (not thinking about Cersei at all). Maybe she’s an even better actress than I thought, but I got the sense that she was humiliated. It was so awful it made me forget for a moment how much Cersei actually has coming to her :/

In terms of the actual last scene, and how they shot what was pouring out of Jon, you know, near a giant fire… I am guessing we’re going to see the power of King’s Blood next season (one can only hope).