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[For Better Call Saul “Klick” or any other recaps on Fetchland, assume the presence of possible spoilers.]

AMC Summary:
Klick. Jimmy must make a hard choice; Mike takes control of matters, and Hamlin delivers shocking news.

The season finale of Better Call Saul, “Klick” revolves around the theme of blockage, specifically passive resistance. Mike and Jimmy both find themselves soundly blocked from achieving their goals by a behind the scenes mastermind. The irony is that both believe themselves to be just such masterminds. Little do they know what ominous obstacles they’re up against. The symbols are all there for us to pick up along the way as the story progresses, locked doors, red tape, and Nacho’s big built-up bod standing right smack in the way. But the whole machination behind their impasse isn’t clear for these characters until the very end and even then it’s clearer for us as the audience than for Jimmy and Mike. In the end Mike does find out there’s an additional echelon to the cartel in the way of his mission but he doesn’t know anything about it yet. We can at least make an educated guess. At the end of Jimmy’s story he’s about to find out Chuck’s diabolical secret is even darker than his own. Meanwhile, as the audience, we know exactly what’s coming and only wish we could warn Jimmy.

The episode opens on Jimmy and Chuck in their mother’s hospital room. She’s near death in front of them on the bed. Jimmy insists they get something to eat after sitting there for three days. He leaves, saying he’ll get Chuck a sandwich too and be right back. As soon as he exits Chuck starts crying which awakens their mother who coughs, asks for Jimmy and then won’t hear Chuck saying it’s him, Chuck. She dies. A nurse comes in and feels her pulse then says she’s sorry to Chuck. Their mother had a DNR, a do not resuscitate. Then Jimmy gets back with a plastic bag of sandwiches to find out she’s gone. He asks Chuck if she woke up or said anything and he says, “No”.

Then we’re back to the scene at Kinkos. Jimmy enters from his hiding spot on the sidewalk across the street and insists they call 911. Chuck wakes up just enough to see Jimmy and next thing we know he’s in the hospital telling them to turn off the lights above his examination table. Chuck screams at them not to give him an EKG or cat scan explaining that he has a “condition” that makes him sensitive to electricity. The doctor who wants to have Chuck committed so she can run the necessary tests but Jimmy suggest a temporary guardianship instead. That way the doctor can find out what’s wrong without committing Chuck to an institution. Jimmy goes into Chuck’s hospital room to tell him about this but Chuck won’t even speak to him and demands Ernesto come in. He uses Ernie to point out that now he knows Jimmy was there at the Kinkos but Ernesto gives Jimmy an alibi and claims that, actually, he called Jimmy to bring him there. This, of course, infuriates Chuck. When Jimmy tells him about the temporary guardianship Chuck says, “You finally got me where you want me,” like the true paranoid he is. Meanwhile he’s the actual family Svengali. Even Ernie’s like. “He’s out to get you Jimmy,” and seems ready to quit his assistant job and return to the mailroom rather than work with Chuck anymore. His own assistant prefers his brother but that’s partly because Ernie and Jimmy worked the mailroom together in the days of yore.

Next we see Nacho and a buddy, with a gagged, tied up guy in the back of their van driving through the desert. Mike is, of course, tailing them in his car. Then we see him doing target practice out in the desert with an advisor, that same guy who wanted to sell him guns at the hotel room earlier in the season. He gets ammo and as they’re saying goodbye the guy rubs Mike’s prints off the practice gun he used and says, “No offense,” but it’s impossible to offend Mike anyway. Then Mike’s pointing his rifle at a faraway target in the desert as he focuses the rifle eye-site we see he’s pointing it at the place where Nacho and his buddy have parked the red van, near an old broken-down shed. Mike loads and cocks the rifle. We see Hector, the cousins, Nacho and the guy that was just tied up in the back of the van. The cousins shoot that guy and he falls into a ditch. Then they walk back over the Hector and Nacho, returning into the shed while the other guy shovels dirt into the ditch. Mike has the site focused where Hector was but Nacho stands right in the way the whole time. He would have had to shoot Nacho in order to hit Hector. Then a horn’s blaring and it’s Mike’s own car nearby in the brush. Someone came along and propped a branch against the horn and left a note that says only “Don’t” on the windshield. We’re thinking it was someone associated with Nacho given that he was standing in Hector’s way. Our guess? Gus Fring but you can come to your own conclusions after watching, looking for clues in the episode titles, and then watching again.

Chuck tries to reason with the doctor who insists on testing him to see what made him faint at the Kinko’s. The cat scan machine sends Chuck even deeper into crazy town. Meanwhile Jimmy sits in the waiting room where Kim joins him with food and comforting words. Jimmy’s ad comes on the hospital TV. It’s fun and distinctive with a catchy hook of “Gimme Jimmy,” and then the classic line, “because moxie’s in such short supply these days” and no better word describes Jimmy – the king of moxie. The doctor comes out then and tells them there’s nothing physically wrong Chuck and it was probably just a panic attack. However, she adds, there was a complication. Chuck’s in a catatonic state now. He won’t move or speak, playacting as a vegetable basically. But he’s out of it by morning when he wakes up next to a sleeping Jimmy in the chair beside his bed. Jimmy takes him home and wants to make Chuck comfortable with tea or whatever he needs but Chuck’s feeling vulnerable and cranky. He just wants to be alone so Jimmy leaves. Then Chuck enters his garage, lantern in hand, and we see all his old electrical devices are stored in there but Chuck’s clearly looking for something in particular.

Meanwhile Jimmy’s got a full waiting room at his new office, all due to his commercial and therefore mostly composed of elderly peeps. Howard then calls ‘freaking out because he just got a letter saying Chuck quit/retired from HHM. So, Jimmy rushes to Chuck’s place and bangs on the door but Chuck won’t talk to him. So, Jimmy has to resort to insistent-repetitive-infinite knocking. Finally Chuck opens the door. Once inside Jimmy finds Chuck in a room wallpapered entirely in mylar and aluminum foil, all attached with duct tape, of course. He calls it a “proper Faraday cage” and tells Jimmy not to patronize him. He’s not crazy. They sit down and Jimmy tells him not to quit the law. The law needs Chuck. Chuck needs the law. Besides how can he retire before he gets Jimmy disbarred? Chuck says he has to quit because he made a mistake and thus is clearly losing it and the worst part is that he then blamed Jimmy for the whole thing. Chuck blames the electricity for wearing down on his faculties and brain. He’s falling apart. Jimmy feels bad for Chuck and says what if he told him he didn’t make a mistake. He admits that he sabotaged Chuck, just as he’d said. Jimmy says now Chuck can relax, his brain is at 100%. It wasn’t really about Chuck at all anyway, Jimmy explains. It was for Kim. He didn’t think it would turn Chuck insane just to imagine having made a mistake. Chuck asks him if he realizes he just confessed to a felony. Jimmy says at least he made Chuck feel better and it’s his word against Chuck’s anyway. Then, it turns out he was recording the whole conversation, of course. When he was in his garage fill of electronics it was to locate that recorder. This whole plan finally played all the way out for Chuck, a man who simply can’t abide ever being wrong about anything – ever.

Season three is certain to bring many exciting new events. So, we’ll all just have to cling to the edge of Jimmy’s cliff until then. We do have some predictions, though. First we think that Jimmy’s comment about Chuck getting him disbarred will quickly become reality and that will be the impetus for his shift into Saul Goodman. Second we believe Gus will show up in Mike’s life within the first few episodes of season three, if not the season premiere. And lastly, fetchland also wants to see Saul and Mike work together more in season three. They were on parallel paths for almost the entire second season but it would be much more fun to see these two natural born enemies actually in cahoots. We can’t wait for whatever comes and look forward to reading many fun analyses, predictions and theories between now and the next season.

–Katherine Recap


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