Demonic Pact
Posted by Michael Flores | Card Talk

Two-time US Nationals Top 8 competitor Conrad Kolos joins the Card Talk team for a discussion of new Magic Origins cards.

What do they think of…

  • Hangarback Walker,
  • Demonic Pact, or
  • Herald of the Pantheon?

Conrad loves Hangarback Walker, comparing it to both Arcbound Ravager and Doomed Traveler.

Gabe calls Demonic Pact a Cruel Ultimatum for 4 mana! This card certainly does a ton of awesome things (so long as you are a little patient)

Herald of the Pantheon, though, is terrible according to the team. Either you will draw all Herald of the Pantheons or all clunky enchantments with no acceleration. The first two, though? Very high on these.

Per usual, this episode is chock full of trivia, swapping Magic cards, and speculation.

Give #33 a listen now:

“All’s well, Counterspell!”

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