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Welcome to the first episode of Kitchen Table Gaming, the web series where I play games with my friends and cook them food. In this first episode I was joined by one of my oldest friends Paul Yellovich, with whom I have probably played more games for more hours than I can possibly account for; Nate Holt of Walking the Planes fame, and Anthony Conta, who I collaborated with on Emergents: Genesis The Deckbuilding Game.

Nate brought some fancy chips with him which I fancied up a little more with some sushi grade tuna; Paul brought some raw cookie dough which was used in a dark chocolate ritual; while Anthony brought his game Funemployed to show us how it plays. Anthony’s game also prompted some reminiscence about marathon gaming sessions that were unhindered by anything as pedestrian as having a job.

You may have seen the Food Network show THE BEST THING I EVER ATE but Paul and I recalled the worst thing we ever ate after more than 24 hours of gaming and some pretty meager pooled resources with which to buy fixings for a meal. I manage to recreate that horrific food item as best I could but also create a much more tasteful and tasty update for this episode.

Special thanks to Dustin Drury and David T. Wright for making this first episode happen.

Hopefully there will be many more!

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