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I could not be more excited than if they found the actual Ark of the Covenant. I received an email from Bing Luke today with the following link in it. He knew that I had been searching for this WPIX promo to Raiders of the Lost Ark for years to no avail. He reached out to someone at Tribune Media — as had many other New Yorkers who vaguely remembered the comical lyrics to the Indiana Jones theme song — who finally wrote back to him that they had unearthed this treasure that was created exclusively for WPIX in New York.

You can read all about how the video was unearthed as well as the actual lyrics on the WPIX website. Good luck getting the lyrics out of your head once you have heard them!

“In his cool hat, his cracks his whip!

He’s got to fight some, evil lunatics!

He’s got to beat them, to save the day!

Cuz he’s Indy, he’s Indy, he’s Indy!

Chased by natives, chased by rocks!

Jumps the bad guys, in a runaway truck!

Wins a sword fight, without a sword!

Cuz he’s Indy, it’s Raiders!”


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