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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Paul
HOH Nominated – Bridgette, Da’vonne
Veto Winner – Paulie
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah
Have-Not Supplement – Trail Mix and Marshmallows


Sh*t stirring with Paul

August 1st brought lots of pranks, hijinx, talking to the camera, and beauty parlor to the Big Brother house. In the morning Paulie pulled himself off the bock in the Veto ceremony and then Paul put Da’vonne up in Paulie’s place. Paul had warned Day a bit about it, saying it might happen because others who haven’t been on the block yet “would freak out” but he thought Day could handle it with grace. After the ceremony Paul got irritated saying he “tried to make everyone happy,” and clearly everyone isn’t. Life lessons sometimes arise for houseguests out of Big Brother but we would have thought Paul learned ages ago he can’t make everybody happy. Then we remembered that he’s only twenty three years old. Oh yeah. Beards really do age a person. He talks to Nicole several times over the course of August 1st and in the process Nicole throws her dear friend, Michelle under the bus along with Zakiyah. It’s kind of lame because it seems that Nicole wants to play an all guys alliance game much like the one Christine played in Nicole’s last season (16). Bad news for Nic: Christine was the first one evicted from that “alliance” and it’s likely Nicole would be the same in her current scenario. We’d miss Nicole’s cute-as-a-bunny character if that happens and think she’d go farther with Michelle and Day by her side. They’d have stayed true to her, if it just hadn’t gotten so messy up in there…


The Master Prankster gets pranked

Natalie begins the pranking trend of August 1st when she pranks the “Master of Pranks,” James. She freezez his crocs and then Victor tips James off to their secret location. This proceeds to the Master of Pranks wielding retribution pranks; including freezing Natalie’s favorite sneakers. She’s a sport about all of them and even declares him “the winner” many times. James wraps her makeup bag in a mile of saran and then makes a whole whoopdydoo that a new Care Package from America came for Natalie. She cheerfully re-opens her previous care package to find a methodically wrapped makeup bag (hers) inside a billion wrapped cocoons of plastic. Luckily, Natalie is an iconic delight no matter what and laughs it off along with James chasing her with shaving cream and baby powder later in the day.


Game rule, “Don’t betray me”

He also gives her a rundown on “game rules by James” that covers, 1) Don’t talk game 2) Never say, “This just stays between us…” before telling someone something and the REAL rule… 3) Never betray James. The cutest couple in town also talk about how both get underestimated by the house because they’re more street smart than good at the game’s traditional competitive stuff. It’s true. Lots of times Big Brother players don’t recognize the value of these kind of skills and can’t see that other players even have them. Natalie and James are good examples of this. It takes street smarts, for example, to be easygoing and make jokes in stressful situations. The prankster couple are both pros at this. Nothing gets them down. We’re just happy they found each other. They keep the feeds fun to watch and the house happier.


The Puerto Rican Steaming Sensation

Meanwhile Bridgette plays expert facialist with many houseguests, including Paul, Nicole, and Victor. It starts in the afternoon when she plucks Paul’s eyebrows then shifts into zit popping, mask-applying, and, ultimately, full blown facials. Every once in awhile a silent Day comes by to observe but say nearly nothing. Da’vonne watched Victor steaming his face over an orange pot of water on the stovetop and all she asks is how long he’s going to stand there steaming. She shows glorious restraint in commentary and facial expressions today. Even when Paul shovels piles of P&P poo into their conversation about why he put her on the block she just smiles and nods. It’s the calm before the storm.


Chattin’ casually with one’s betrayer

Speaking of Day, she spoke to the camera several times including in the morning looking straight at us in the London room to say, ‘I’m stayin chill but somethin’ is up. I feel it,” and gets all of the feedsters juices flowing for what she may do next. She’s taking it slow right now, just observing and silently taking note of all the house dynamics. When Paul talks about Da’vonne with Nicole it’s noteworthy that the ONLY negative thing Paul says about her is that she tied to win the HOH competition. Since when is that a crime, Paul? Get over yourself. It’s every player for oneself in the house. He’s trying to rationalize putting her up because he didn’t want to. Players often do this to reinforce their game choices after the fact, especially when they’re actually fulfilling another player’s wishes rather than their own. Paul can’t see this now but maybe later… like how James later realized he should have owned his HOH. Maybe he can counteract it later. We hope.


CBS Voting page for Care Package

Nice thing is, it’s not too late for Paul. He just needs Paulie out of the house. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know this. We’re hoping the realization happens soon but the way things are going it’s not likely. In other house news Victor is back on some shit lists again for his excessive eating and he’s remaining blissfully unaware he’s having the effect. They’re starting to mock his annoying, wall shaking, laughter and each have a growing list top-of-mind that details all the food Victor’s eaten that could be in their belly instead. These are all Big Brother brand seeds for an imminent trip to the nomination block. So, a great gift for us viewers would be a Victor HOH next after the (possibly imminent) double eviction. Let them deal with all his quirks along with a case of Puerto Rican Sensation brand HOHitis. Ouch! In the meantime, if you’d like to vote for the next Care Package it’s got cool contents – namely an opportunity to cancel out two eviction votes. Yikes! That really could change the game. Go to to place your votes. You get 20 votes per day until the package is delivered. Happy voting!

Funniest Quote of August 1st:

Natalie: James when are you gonna let it go? Haven’t you seen the movie “Frozen”

– Katherine Recap


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