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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Natalie
HOH Nominated – Paul, Victor
Veto Winner – Paul
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – Paul
Have-Nots – Victor, James
Have-Not Supplement – Pies


Natalie wins HOH

On the Big Brother August 21st TV show they start with the Black Box HOH competition. Houseguests have to wait holding a button (harder than it looks, apparently) and then search through goop, feathers, and other gunk for discs to slid on their pole. The show gives us a bit of background from in-the-house before the challenge. Nicole told Natalie that Paulie said that Paul was “coming after James”. Nat immediately runs to tell James that Paul’s after him. This definitely contributes to Natalie’s decision putting him up on the block. Right before the challenge she was already pumped up with “protecting her man” adrenaline. Of course she wins it!


Meech as she leaves the Black Box

Meech, on the other hand, is first out of the comp, pissy and covered in feathers yet still kinda cute somehow. Houseguests still competing lose shoes in the goop, collect feathers in their mouths, and complain constantly. It all happens in the pitch dark and houseguests lie to each other about how close they are to winning. After the comp ends they count discs out in the open backyard. Corey found the same number as Natalie so they’re tied for first place. Then Natalie ends up winning by four seconds. She’s super excited and immediately slips into a rampant case of big-haired, indecisive HOHitis


Only the paranoid survive

Of course, after the thrill of winning that HOHitis fever takes hold along with nerves and indecision. Meanwhile Victor and Paul’s (justified) paranoia starts rolling especially when Victor walks in on a whispery Uncle Sam in the HOH bed with Meech and Nat. Nicole also plots and schemes with Natalie, Meech, and James . This explains why they nominate Paul and Victor soon after. It isn’t just that they believe these two are going to win the game but also the gossip about Paul’s lies and manipulating. The “future winner” reason is the smart one to give in the nomination ceremony, though because it’s a convo ender. Victor and Paul are humans, after all, with intuition. So, of course they suspect something’s up and talk about their fears. Still, it’s a shocker (to Paul) when it happens and their buddies nominate them. Victor was lucky enough to find out before nominations when they forewarned him and declared his “pawn” status but he doesn’t have time to tell Paul before the ceremony.


Paul’s special segment

The Big Brother TV show then diverts from the main story (the game) to do a little bit on Paul’s friendship time and some on Nicole’s clumsiness. Next we see the care package delivery to Meech. She can’t open it at first and shrieks about her epic box-tied-with-a-string struggle. Thus, because Michelle is Co-HOH with Natalie, they do the nomination ceremony together. It’s a big surprise to our favorite  penguin-floaty-clad Secret Service agent. So. Paul says, “Shocking!” and then we know the confrontations are about to begin. Not friendship on all counts.

It was a disappointing day on the August 21st feeds because James, the deciding vote this week, wants the final four to be all showmances. Upon this proclamation, the collective grown of every feedster in the land could be heard coast to coast. Our mourning for actual gameplay in Season 18 begins now. We’re clad in black and feeling blue as F***. But then our travail of tears gets even worse… Corey rambles on forever about how he doesn’t care even the teeniest bit if he gets voted out or wins the game. He’s just like whatever, bro and then Nicole promptly offer to sacrifice her “game” for him. Not that Nicole has much of a game this season but to offer it up on a platter to a guy you met six weeks ago who JUST said he doesn’t care if he wins or loses. This isn’t Big Brother all of a sudden; it’s the Bachelor.


Secret Service springs into action

Nobody likes seeing Victor go back to jury. HOWEVER keep in mind there’s another battle back and if he gets sent home Thursday FitVic’s a likely winner. Maybe he’ll get another fancy belt too! All we know is that Victor and his sublime friendship with your boy, Paul keep our feeds worth watching. We here at Fetchland prefer fun and games to showmance scenery. Natalie’s great… when she’s playing the game. But when she’s whining to James, though, not so much.

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