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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Michelle, Zakiyah
Veto Winner – TBD
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Bridgette, Corey, James
Have-Not Supplement – TBD


Meech has a post nom meltdown

August 5th starts with a bang when PeePee uses Victor’s HOH to put up Michelle and Z. Then they laugh like maniacs in the bathroom because this will definitely make Victor look weak – putting up the two lamest competitors. But their bliss doesn’t last because afterward PeePee argue all day over which nominee should ultimately go. Paul wants Zak gone while Paulie keeps arguing for Michelle to leave. After nominations Michelle cries and loses her sh** big time while Zakiyah handles it fine – utterly unphased. Paul and Paulie pretend they had nothing to do with the nominations. Meanwhile they’re fighting behind the scenes every time they get a minute alone over controlling the ultimate outcome. Problems in PeePee paradise? Yes, please.


We need you now, Janelle!

Michelle keeps getting us feedsters all excited when she says things like, “I’m gonna blow some shit up!” but we haven’t seen anything blow yet other than her nose from excessive crying. Maybe she needs her old platinum blonde hair back so she can kick some ass. We know that Meech had Janelle hair before she came to BB. So, Fetchland recommends maybe sending her a @JanellePierzina care package so she can get her bright blonde mojo back and kick some competition ass. We admit a tremendous bias toward our beloved Janie… but nobody can deny the lady would rock that house out of its current “friendship” funk.


Power? That belongs in a garbage can.

Speaking of that wretched word “friendship,” tarnished for now because of PeePee, it seems like Paulie might be eyeing James for his final two fantasy. That’s because James really seems like a puppet in the house now, especially after he decides to “share” the care package power with the house. It’s so effin weak, this lack of game move. So, James gave his HOH to PeePee and now he gives the eviction vote deletions to the house. He’s made no moves this summer, other than on Natalie. Not only that. James went back on his word to Bridgette (future jury member) and that’s at least one strike against him (possibly more) for jury votes. In other words, your boy, James, is perfect to place next to you in the final two. It also seems like Paulie undermines Zakiyah as prep for a possible final two. Keep her weak and confused = his strategy. On the other hand, if Paulie’s up there next to your boy, Paul, he’s probably going to lose; AKA Paulie’s gonna take second place. So, when does he plan on taking care of that messy business? We’re counting down the minutes in eager anticipation of a spectacular showdown. Bros be in a beatdown. That’s our favorite brand of BB “friendship”.


America’s sweethearts

No matter who you’re pulling for at this stage of the game, keep in mind that it’s only half over and not “all over” even if it feels that way sometimes. Lately the guys are running the place, especially PeePee. But we’re constantly being told to “expect the unexpected” in Big Brother and they say that for a reason. Many don’t like it when the show producers “mess” with the show but we think it could use some messing with even if we can’t trust America to pick the right care package recipient. Here’s a hint: IT SHOULD’VE BEEN MICHELLE.  But who can blame America? They mostly watch the TV show only and thus love James and his prank antics. It makes perfect sense they’d pick him. He’s Mr. Popularity in the house right now too. But we’ll see how long this smooth sailing lasts. We predict a coming cataclysm when Your Boys want to oust Natalie and he has to actually make a final decision knowing full well that she’ll eventually see it when the show’s over. Say what you want about James but he adores Natalie and for that, we’ll always like him at least a little.

Quotes of August 5th:

Paulie: Am I laying in Victor’s wet dream?

Natalie: Thanks, America! I’m so excited James received the care package because he was really jealous when I got mine.

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