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There are two different experiences, both called “Big Brother”.

One is the television show Big Brother, as the CBS producers present it to broadcast tv audiences, three times per week. But the other is what is actually going on in the Big Brother house; the experience of the house guests, unfiltered — or at least less filtered — by television editors.

Fetchland presents Ruining Big Brother. It’s less “spoiling” Big Brother and more pulling back the curtain, to ruin our collective illusions about reality television. Enjoy! Or better yet, recoil in horror

Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Paulie
HOH Nominated – Tiffany, Natalie
Roadkill Comp Winner – Tiffany
RK Nominated – Corey – replaced with Da’vonne
Veto Winner – Corey
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte
Battle Back challenge players – Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte +1

July 22nd, Friday CBS will air a special Battle Back episode of Big Brother at 8PM EST.

Have-Nots – Team Unicorn: James, Natalie
Safe team this week – Category4: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette

Team Big Sister: Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah
Team Category 4: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette
Team Freakazoids: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany
Team Unicorn: James, Natalie


Nicole cries because Corey’s nominated

The July 20th TV show opens with tears falling all over the Big Brother house. Nicole’s bawling that Corey’s up on the block and Natalie’s tears are because she’s nominated this week. Speaking of crying, Paulie tries to make Tiffany cry by berating her before the Veto competition. He fails and Tiff shows that she’s not as weak emotionally as she’s appeared to be thus far; holding her own against him. After this Tiffany constructs diabolical plots with Frank and Bridgette while James watches, quietly sitting right next to them on the bed.


Day in yet another “sketchy” convo

Then Frank approaches Day to ask her about what happened with the 5-4 vote at the live eviction Thursday night. Was it about getting him out next week? This attracts negative attention to Day just for talking to him; even though he came over to her and all she did was neglect to shun him. The show is using this incident as an example of why Day gets nominated in the upcoming Veto ceremony but it’s not really accurate. Tiffany puts her up because Frank wants her out and she thinks Day is “sketchy”. Period.


Corey wins Veto

The Veto competition is candy-themed and very Willy Wonka (without the licensing rights) with an ice cream scoop challenge. The battle works as head-to-head matches with only the final standing winner left to claim the Veto. As we already know, Corey ends up winning, despite his plan to throw it to Paul. Paul just wasn’t fast enough with the scoops, apparently. Mama Day got the blues when Corey won Veto and Tiff was a bit perturbed that Da’vonne didn’t assume she would be safe in Tiff’s Roadkill hands. It’s understandable for Day to not trust Tiffany or Frank but showing her feelings so outwardly was a big mistake. The key to success in BB is retaining a facade of normalcy no matter what. So, although Day can definitely succeed at the social game, she’s gotta work that much harder at it if she can’t hide her true feelings for Diary Room.


Now THAT is a hair flip

After the Veto competition, the show dedicates an entire segment to Tiffany’s hardcore campaign against Day. She begins with Frank, then Paul and so on through all the houseguests, as we’ve covered in our daily feeds reportage. Just before the Veto ceremony, Corey tells us his only hesitation about using the Veto on himself is the prospect of Nicole going up in his place. He definitely doesn’t want that. Still, Corey takes himself off the block and then Day goes up. The “whipping of hair” we heard about on the feeds, when Tiffany ranted against Day’s “attack”, turns out to be literally nothing. Her hair didn’t even touch Tiff in the Veto ceremony. So, who knows what Tiffany means about Day throwing shade. Later in the Diary Room, though, Mama Day calls Tiff “a cheap knockoff of her sister” and then whips her hair back over her shoulder. CBS even gives us the sound of a whip crack for emphasis on this glorious flip. It’s delicious when producers play along!


Nicole breaks the news to Frank

Meanwhile the July 20th feeds were a spectacle of whispers. The house shifted back and forth between evicting Tiffany and Day with Frank pushing to evict Day and James on the other side of the argument, pushing back for Tiff to leave. In a long midnight-ish talk between Nicole, Corey, Natalie, and James they “decide” it’s gotta be Tiffany this week. After their seemingly infinite discussion Nicole “breaks the news” to Frank in the kitchen and he pretends to accept it. There are still a lot of hours before the live show of July 21st and then the subsequent Battle Back episode. So, any number of shifts will potentially take place in the interim. They also might not matter if the evictee just battles right back into the house on Friday’s special episode.


Natalie and James in Limerence

Meanwhile the showmances are taking serious hold now with half the house “officially paired” into Natalie/James, Corey/Nicole, and Zakiyah/Paulie along with the honorary asexual showmance of Frank/Bridgette. Unless the next few HOHs focus on breaking up those pairs it’s going to be a showmance summer in the Big Brother house for certain! A lot of feedsters don’t like the canoodling houseguest dynamic but we don’t discriminate here at Let them love each other; for lovers beat haters, baby… we always say. You haven’t experienced adorable until you check out the spontaneous baguette sword fight Natalie and James had on July 20th. Limerence can be so sweet.

Tune in and check back with for all the updates we can muster. CBS has made it clear that feeds will be down all night Thursday after the TV show and all the way into Friday’s special Battle Back episode. So Friday’s update will only cover the live show. But as soon as feeds return we’ll let you know what’s REALLY happening. You can always see our tweets at @RuiningBB18 for the latest and greatest also.

– Katherine Recap


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