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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Paul
HOH Nominated – Bridgette, Paulie
Veto Winner – Paulie
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah
Have-Not Supplement – Trail Mix and Marshmallows


Paulie wins Veto

On July 30th Paulie wins Veto and now it looks like he wants to keep Bridgette to do his dirty work; namely back-dooring Da’vonne. He’ll take himself off the block when it’s time for the Veto ceremony to set the plan in place. Paulie tells Paul and Bridgette this plan. It remains unclear, though, if Paul will really nominate Day but if he does the feeds will certainly get more interesting. That’s especially the case if Da’vonne subsequently has the return ticket in her envelope.


Nat and James discuss their crappy situation

In the meantime everybody’s plotting and scheming. James realizes over the course of several conversations (some he was even involved in) that he and Natalie are the bottom of the priority barrel. Perhaps Natalie was right and he should have owned his own HOH rather than just doing what the house (Paulie) wanted… Too late now, James! He talks about all this in the Paris room with Natalie after the Veto competition. Almost the entire time she’s working out and just happens to still be wearing the running gear the Veto players wore for competing.


She knows.

In the afternoon the bros all hang out in the hot tub to cat-call and ballyhoo at the sky like wolves during a full moon. They make about as much sense too but it’s all in good fun, boys will be boys and all that. In the meantime, Da’vonne quietly flips the pages of her Bible on the outdoor couch nearby. Once in awhile she looks up from reading to peer at the soggy shrieking boyband across the fake grass. Da’vonne’s eyes seem to say that she knows they’re going to put her up on the block. But what Day’s going to do about it is anybody’s guess. The Internet rumor mill is aflutter with notions of a return ticket. They’re analyzing signs, making connections, and developing theories to support the idea that her envelope number (8) is definitely the one with the return ticket. It’ll be lots of fun is that’s true. But we’ll all have to wait to find out.


Natalie makes an “oopsy” on Paulie’s head

Natalie gets into some boyband hijinx too. She fills condoms with water and eventually dumps one right on Paulie’s head. Looks like it’s bitterly cold water too. A therapist would likely claim that there are few mistakes for human interaction in the game of life. People can say they “didn’t mean it! ooops!”… when they do something like drop a condom full of ice cold water on your head, but on some level they actually did. We’d like to co-sign this idea with a special amendment to say that maybe not IRL but it’s probably true in the game of Big Brother. So, thanks, Natalie!

VictorLater in the evening Natalie and Michelle sit on the hot tub edge and share their deepest insecurities with Victor. It’s tough being on TV without all the workout resources they’re used to. They feel helpless and fat and ugly. They’re on TV. It sucks. Victor is a dreamboat and says all the right things. They are so beautiful. He understands that it does suck not to have the right workout stuff because he struggles with the same thing but they just gotta workout anyway. They have power in this situation and need to use it to make themselves feel better. It’s lovely to see him actually reaching them and making them feel better with a delicate blend of empathy and pep talk.

That’s why we’re giving Victor our featured image today. He’s truly the Puerto Rican Sensation of July 30th and we’re grateful to him for spreading some much-needed good vibes around the BB house. Check back to soon for more information about the feeds and the Sunday night show along with our tweets via @RuiningBB18.

– Katherine Recap


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