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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH –┬áPaul
HOH Nominated –┬áNicole and Corey
Veto Winner – Paul
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor #11 Michelle #12 Natalie #13 Victor #14 Corey

Final Three: Nicole – Paul – James

The September 14th Big Brother TV show is a mad extravaganza of drama and delight. It starts out with Paul’s tears when he wins the HOH. “I’ve had it tough since day one… talking my way through things…” Yes, it has been a long road and when he says, “That one’s for you, Victor!” our spidey sense tells us we might actually have emotions too… for a millisecond anyway. Yes, we shed a tiny tear.


Then we see a convo between James and Paul from the night before Victor was evicted. The two of them decide to fight together because strategically they really don’t have any other choice against glued-together Corey and Nicole. Simply for the sake of numbers Paul and James need each other. Right after this Paul puts Corey and Nicole on the block, she for the very first time. James points out that it’s really as if they’re all on the block (other than Paul as HOH) because the Veto means everything this week. It’s the final Veto and the sole houseguest off the block after the Veto concludes is also the only vote.


Fightin’ words up in that jury house

Big Brother visits the jury house next. Michelle paints portraits of Nicole with a snake body while Bridgette and Day seem aligned against Zakiyah and Paulie. So, it’s a jury house divided when Natalie enters. Then as Nat Nat shows the jurors her video of events from the BB house, Da’Vonne and Paulie go head to head in a nasty shouting match. It’s rather grotesque… and not just because of Paulie’s hair. He decided to go back to his Pee Pee look and thus endanger any possibility of a handsomeness revival. He does, however revive that sarcastic clap when things finally cooled a bit and he was completely douched out. News alert, Paulie, you’re the only one clapping.


Da’Vonne – Strength & Bridgette – Wonderful

Victor then joins them in the jury where it appears the jurors are making lots of arts and crafts, including word necklaces like “powerful” and “courage” which the ladies wear. He shows them the video of Corey winning HOH and explains the Final Four alliance situation and then the jurors watch the BB comics competition. Michelle is a real trooper about her comic and then Da’Vonne gives Nicole props for all her competition wins. Looks like those necklaces are doing the trick! See kids, words can change the world.


Guess who sucked at another comp?

The Veto competition worries us at first glance. It’s BB baseball! Oh dear. Right on cue, Corey says, “This could be my field of dreams,” and we groan inwardly. But all isn’t lost! Turns out it’s the days-in-the-house challenge. That means if a houseguest has been paying close attention to what happened on what day in the Big Brother house this summer, they’ll likely do well. Paul pays attention – yay! It’s no surprise that James has no strategy and doesn’t know the days. He’s out in no time. Nicole’s out next. Then it’s a tight race between Corey and Paul until the best surprise win of the summer – Baseball Veto Winner = Paul! We’re so happy for Paul, just Paul and only Paul. He dedicates this win to Pablo, his floaty pelican. No surprise because Pablo served as Paul’s favorite belt much like Victor’s battle back belt. They’re the well-belted bros, after all.


Most boring talk with Julie award goes to…

Next live on the September 14th TV show, Paul chooses not to use Veto. James makes his vote after Nicorey’s predictable farewell speeches and Corey goes to jury. He seems surprised James evicted him when he talks to Julie. Also Corey says he and Nicole will be “best friends for a long time” and possibly they may continue the romance, “We’ll see how it goes,” which is a lot more positive than he ever got in the house discussing the prospect with his bros.

This Friday there’s another special episode at 8pm EST with the final HOH competition. Then Wednesday September 21st brings the live finale of Big Brother at 9:30EST. Congratulations to the final three! We’re happy that there’s not a showmance among them and look forward to these three maybe actually getting to know each other a bit. Although, Paul DID get pretty tight with almost all the houseguests this summer. He was playing Big Brother the entire time. That’s why.

– Katherine Recap


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