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Daily BB House Stats:
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor #11 Michelle #12 Natalie #13 Victor #14 Corey

Final Three: Nicole – Paul – James

Part One Final HOH winner: Paul


James and Paul in a final two deal

The September 16th special Big Brother episode begins with Paul saying he managed to make himself a “clear path to the end,” while Nicole’s, “here to win,” but also crying and scared and missing Corey. Surprise shocker, boo boo bear. Meanwhile James and Paul connive to seal their final two deal. Of course, Paul also has a final two deal with Nicole. He’s just telling them what they want to hear, though. James will stay loyal to Paul, he says in Diary Room. But Nicole is less certain. In her DR session, Nicole thinks she’ll more likely beat James. Although she’s completely right about that, we don’t like it one bit. Paul and Nicole would make a mighty fine and satisfying final two. But if James has to be in there, please let it be next to Paul.


Tiffany cries with a laughing Da’Vonne

Next we get a series of weeping flashbacks from the season, Meech, Tiffany, Paulie’s butterfly, Nicole, Meech again, Natalie, Tiffany, Paulie again, Meech again, Paulie again, and Meech yet again. The final trio then discuss emotional breakdowns and ultimately agree that Paulie became the biggest wreck of everyone in season 18. CBS also gives us a rundown of the many pranks houseguests played on each other. It’s silly fun and pretty much every one of them participates at some point. Our favorite part, though, is when Paul busts on James for wearing crocs. They are an abomination, in fact. Too bad James found where Natalie froze them in a ziploc bag buried in the back freezer. Flames to the sky work better than freezing when it comes to crocs.


Wins most homo-erotic bromance award

Then we have some crazy Diary Room sessions, including a lot of tears. So many tears, in fact, that it ends up funny. This leads into a segment on showmances and we love that it focuses almost entirely on the Vaul bromance because that was the most entertaining and fun relationship in the house. For some reason they also narrow in on a fight between Nicorey even though most of their summer was spent canoodling. There’s also an amusing section about Michelle as a kitty cat and somehow it totally makes sense. That’s a perfect example of how Big Brother houseguests get creative in ways “real world” peeps rarely do these days… we’re too busy looking at our screens, after all.


Enchanting Kitty Nicole

Next we see the beginning of the final HOH competition where the houseguest trio are kitties. They show how the challenge works, it’s an endurance comp where they follow the laser from one aspect of the challenge to another: a milk dish, a scratching post, or a litter box. We know Paul wins this competition but the show ends before it’s revealed. Cutest cat award definitely goes to Nicole – who’s an ultra glam, pretty kitty. We love that costume for Halloween because it’s not overly sexual like most are these days and yet, it’s 100% pusstacular.

Tune in tomorrow to to find out who won the second round of the final HOH competition. Then we’re in the final stretch until finale night for season 18 of Big Brother. We can’t wait to see who finally wins it all!

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