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Final Three: Nicole – Paul – James

Part One Final HOH winner: Paul
Part Two Final HOH winner:

Part Three between Paul & Nicole: live on Wednesday night

September 18th feeds brought lots of interesting conversations. They do soliloquies in mirrors, talk to walls, and convince the stainless steel door of the fridge. We’re referring, of course, to Nicole and Paul as they prep their final two speeches. Paul’s seem more convincing but Nicole continues to work hard on her speech.


Paul convinces the fridge

Then at around 8:20PM in the kitchen, James asks Nicole what she plans to do if she wins the third part of the HOH competition and chooses the final two. Of course, he gets seriously bummed by her reply. Nicole tells him he has the jury votes that she can’t possibly get next to him. Paul, on the other hand, pretty much alienated the same people she did. It’s a valid point, especially since Paul did call Michelle the C-word. Also we finally get complete clarity that Nicole and James never had a pre-season alliance. Nicole makes this evident when she tells him, “I don’t owe you anything,” and we’re happily surprised at her candor. This Nicole-without-Corey is pretty darn refreshing. We like her.


Nicole tells James the bad news

After they talk James hits rock bottom and tells the camera, “Shit. That’s not good,” to which all us live feeders respond, “You’re finally gettin’ it!” and it really seems like he does. James mopes around like a sad sack all day long. Only after drinking a few Budweisers in the backyard does he lighten up a bit. But then, of course, he slips into morose drunky poo when the beers are gone, like ya do.


Even drunk, they won’t take you, James

Meanwhile Nicole and Paul drink too, beers first and then red wine that gives Nicole a purplish mouth. The booze also opens her up and Nicole’s more fun tonight than she’s been all summer. She and Paul have a friendly convo in the hammock after James goes inside. Paul tells her how James came to him and said his fate lies in Paul’s hands. That he could just say “screw James” and not take him. Instead of comforting him, Paul just basically said, Yeah I guess I could. Which is funny because Nicole didn’t really console him either. So, James has officially entered spiral-mode. He’s headed face first down the drain. James pours them giant glasses of wine and doesn’t drink it himself. Paul and Nicole make a joke about how he’s trying to get them drunk so he can pull out a contract for them to sign saying they’ll bring him to final two. Haha.


Sippy sadness hits

Truth is that it’s about damn time James faced the truth about his game. He didn’t do crap all summer. It took this long for him to realize he hasn’t been playing Derrick’s game. Funny thing is, James also probably thought he had a chance at America’s Favorite Player – thus, the infinite shoutouts.  Now it doesn’t look like that’s going to pan out either. But we’re not Nostradamus, so we don’t know fo sho. All we know is that this September 18th night it feels like karma came around for James and he’s not liking this delivery.


Boozin with two days left

When Nicole and Paul talk on the hammock they further discuss James and how neither of them respects his game or wants to take him. Nicole also talks about how she wants to get a matching tattoo like Paul’s that says “Love sucks” with a heart and arrow through it. But hers will say, “Love stinks,” instead. Both of them are funny and silly because they’re no-holds-barred full of booze and at the end of the game together. It’s good times and we’re happy for them that they’ll sleep like babies for once this summer.

Only two more days, guys! It’s finale time, finally.

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