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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Natalie, James
Veto Winner – Corey
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor #11 Michelle


Victor… or Jesus?

Most of what transpired September 3rd in the Big Brother house happens in the evening and off the feeds. The Veto competition starts in late afternoon. So then, inevitably, ends late as well. The challenge then lasts more than five hours. Corey wins the Veto while Natalie takes second place. The houseguests look like they were trapped in a mine for several days in filthy faces and ripped, dirty costumes. The effect is particularly funny on Victor, who comes out looking like Jesus – appropriate since he’s the savior of BB18 as our beloved underdog. That is until he puts his red baseball hat on and ruins the whole messiah look. If Jozea was still in there he would have fixed that pronto – Off with that cap, savior boy! … and here’s a sweep of bronzer on your Adam’s apple while we’re at it.


Nat explains on a loop to the unhearing James

After the challenge Natalie and James “get real” with each other for a bit. We know historically this means Natalie tells James what’s actually going on in the house that he can’t see while he refuses to acknowledge it for an eternity. It was like this back when she convinced him they needed to evict Paulie. The circle of BB life continues to spin and loop on the feeds as Natalie tells James over and over that because she played so hard in the competition they’re coming after her. This is, of course, completely 100% the case and currently happening upstairs in the HOH. Natalie knows in her gut. But James stays clueless as she gets increasingly frustrated until finally Nat Nat says that if James teams up with Nicorey after she leaves she won’t talk to him again. That gets his attention and James finally starts listening because he’s hurt. Natalie apologizes but it’s obvious she’s pleased that he’s finally hearing her. She’s frustrated, Nat explains, “because I followed you into the dark,” and got screwed. It’s pretty true. Especially the part about him being in the dark.


James finally starts hearing Natalie

James sustains a bruised ego once he realizes she’s right because HE wants to be considered a threat. James even says to Nat that to evict her is a, “waste of an HOH,” implying that she’s no threat. But we can see clearly that, as per usual, James is wrong. He continues to say he’ll fall on a sword for her but Natalie’s insistent she’s going. As of right now she doesn’t want James to sacrifice himself for her anyway. Natalie fights her own battles… and wins more often than James.


One of these things does not belong

Meanwhile upstairs Nicorey and Paul convince Victor that Natalie needs to go. It’s becoming clear that her weakness and whining are just an act (we knew this) and she’s capable of kicking ass when the chips are down. Getting rid of Nat puts Nicorey in an excellent position, Nicole especially. This whole season James has played like the ultimate pawn and also a protective shield for Natalie. He’s all talk about, “making big game moves” but the only thing James ever really does is try to please people with shoving his head deeper into the sand. The votes are against Natalie because the one person who really wants James gone (Victor) doesn’t get to vote this week. Victor has good reasons for wanting to evict James. It was James who put him up on the block when Victor was evicted. Of course he wants him out. It’s rational revenge. The minute he’s out of his Jesus digs, Victor’s ready to roll with literal vengeance. Who can blame him? Not us.


Why shower when you can plot and scheme?

Still, the plan is to blindside James by letting him think he’s going all week and then, swift and cool, evict Natalie. This way James won’t be prepped to compete in the next HOH and will also be emotionally unsteady. It gives them a better chance to win, but really they don’t need much of a leg up. James isn’t exactly a stellar competitor. You think he regrets jumping off the last HOH willingly for Nicole yet? Our guess is that he hasn’t given it a second thought. Reason #47 why we’re not big James fans up in here at Let’s see if it stays this way until Thursday. There are several days for the dynamic to change. Considering how much it shifted just from yesterday, when Natalie was allegedly thrilled at the prospect of a Paul/Victor final two, it could be a new story as soon as tomorrow. Stay tuned here at for all the latest and greatest in the Big Brother house and check out our tweets @RuiningBigBro.

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