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[For Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll‘s “Because We’re Legion” or any other recaps on Fetchland, assume the presence of possible spoilers.]

FX Summary:
Because We’re Legion Greg Dulli sets Gigi up with a well-respected producer from the West Coast.

Gigi breaks up with Flash in the first scene of the Season Finale for how insensitive he was when he didn’t protect her from the record company trying to selling her bod and ignore her huge talent. Johnny sits smug and righteous about this right up until Gigi’s phone rings and it’s Johnny’s eternally sworn nemesis Greg Dulli calling. Since episode one Johnny has ranted and raved about how Dulli ‘stole his vibe” back in the early days of Johnny’s career. It’s been his rationale for failure ever since he first faltered onstage all those years ago. Dulli’s doesn’t get involved with Gigi beyond phonecalls, though. He sends the Assassins a Vibe Advisor who’s flying in from LA to help them fix their vibe and write current hits/ future classics. Gigi takes charge – like she does – and says this is happening no matter because it’ll help the band succeed. So, Johnny’s gotta get Rehab and Bam Bam back into The Assassins to complete their ensemble.

Johnny and Flash sit down with the infinitely helmeted duo at a negotiation table for a hilarious scene of misunderstandings and general ridiculousness that ultimately ends with a reunited Assassins. Immediately after the band reconnects in the recording studifor a battle about which Beatles they all are. Ava declares herself Not Yoko and Gigi follows up on that by saying, “Well, I’m certainly not Linda, I can actually sing!” Then their Vibe Advisor, JP suddenly shows up a day early and crashes their Beatles battleground, silencing the sillyness. JP turns out to be Rob Morrow, seemingly in town for a Northern Exposure reunion with Jon Corbett, who plays Flash. JP explains that he likes to come earlier than schedules to catch clients off guard and get an authentic initial read on their vibe. It must work because right away he’s got a crystalline picture of the band, pointing out that Ava and Johnny have been together forever, that Gigi and Flash just broke up, and that Johnny and Flash are a massive, festering heap of emotional issues.

Going forward in his Vibe Advisory role, JP cultivates massive quantities of sexual chemistry with Gigi and flaunts it in order to inflame Flash’s sexually spurned angst. JP also surreptitiously listens in on the band’s secret whispering and finds out that Ava and Flash slept together way back when as revenge after Johnny and Flash’s wife cheated. Gigi walks in on the end of their conversation about it and notes that they seem suspicious. They’re clearly nervous that she’s figured it out. So, when it’s just seconds before they’re about to record their newest song, Complicated, JP plants feisty seeds all over the studio. He tells Flash and Ava that Gigi knows they slept together then tells Gigi that they did – making it true. Because of all his pot stirring the already awesome song has a profound vibe on the recording. Tension apparently makes great music.

Complicated is so exceptional that Sub Pop is ready to sign a recording deal with them including money to assist them in writing more songs for an album. But then Sub Pop pulls out because that perfume deal Rehab and Bam Bam made with Gigi’s song What’s My Name backfired into loser town. The commercial turned out to be for vaginal itch spray and it’s playing on a nationwide TV loop. Thus, The Assassins are just not cool and edgy enough for Sub Pop after all. The Season (possibly Series?) Finale then concludes with Gigi and Johnny leaving the studio with Ava and Flash left behind to rewatch the vaginal itch commercial together.

The refreshing elements of the show hopefully can keep it alive for a Season Two but there’s still no decision on this prospect as of the Season One Finale. The show’s first season with all plotlines up for grabs and an anything-can-happen question festival when it comes to the stakes of the show. Will the band ever be unified and happy? Can they make it big? What about solo careers? Are Flash and Ava rekindling a romance? Will Gigi date every man over forty in the music business? Though certainly not cliffhanger material, it’s cool that this is a season that ends with ellipses rather than a period. Tons of possibilities with these characters and storylines lend a sense of promise for even more laughs the future. So Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is certain to be a hilarious ride if FX rolls forward with another season.

–Katherine Recap


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