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[For Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll‘s “What You Like Is in the Limo” or any other recaps on Fetchland, assume the presence of possible spoilers.]

FX Summary:
What You Like Is in the Limo The Heathens find out they are somehow still big in Belgium.

Johnny gets mistaken for Christopher Walken at a photo shoot so, “Do I really look seventy?” is all he can say or think about for awhile. But then Johnny gets distracted from his persona’s fossilization process when the band finds out they’re big in Belgium. It’s mainly because in Belgium they thought Johnny was dead… and now that they found out he’s alive they’re calling it The Second Coming. The band’s excited because Belgium has great pharmaceuticals not yet available in the US… and the best waffles.

Flash is still angry and wants to drop Johnny from the band. Aren’t we The Assassins now? And isn’t Gigi the lead singer? Ahhhh, but the Belgium offer is big bucks and they want Johnny at the microphone. There’s the rub. So, one more gig with Johnny as lead singer. It’s decided, manager and all.

In the surreal follow up scene Ava drinks red wine and twirls around the room voicing the unconscious expectations of the band – Johnny’s gonna screw it all up then Gigi will take the mic in hand, save the band, and become a huge star. Afterward Ava and Johnny chat while she’s wearing a distractingly perfect black bra and she pep talks him to the point that Johnny believes he can really pull it off this time – though he’s choked at every other big opportunity. Then Flash tells Gigi they need to cut Johnny loose because it’s all about making great music. But even though they call each other “Honey” and “Baby” now, Gigi doesn’t fall for it. She’s giving Daddy a chance in Belgium.

Their Belgium show sells out in seven hours and the band makes a hilarious game out of constructing the most ridiculous backstage rider in rock history – including celebrity look alike masseuses, a batman bong, a sixteen foot snake, and a catalogue of pills not yet FDA approved in the US. Gigi and the Flash try to talk sense, bringing up the concept of “priorities” ,,, but listing cool shit to have backstage is just the most fun so the rest of the band ignores them. This rider will live in infamy. Fist pump, baby!

Next Johnny takes the stage in Belgium but the drummer Bam Bam does an unapproved solo right at the start and throws him off his rockstar game. Then thanks to some of those non-FDA-approved Belgium pills, Johnny imagines an owl with red eyes diving for him, a teleprompter full of insults, and a coiled snake on stage. He makes a run for backstage and insists Gigi take over. She handles it like a pro and struts to the mic in a bodacious low cut number with cocksure swagger. Their IT girl blows the crowd away – like she always does. Gigi was born to be a rock star.

After the show in the limo their manager tells them the band’s already asked back for two gigs in Belgium next year. Flash, in bedazzled vinyl pants, fights (again) to cut Johnny out of the band. Goodbye Heathens, Hello Assassins! But Gigi take the reigns before this greeting/goodbye even lands. She renames the band Gigi and the Assassins. Johnny’s going to stay on as songwriter like she’s always said. Then Gigi’s even got a new rider in mind for next year’s Belgium gig and it includes bone teardrop Chopard earrings for her. The girl’s got it all figured out and says Johnny has to start seeing a shrink – in fact the whole band does because, “This band’s so dysfunctional, it makes Metallics look like the Jonas Brothers.”

So, next week we’ll see the latest machinations of Gigi as she gradually owns The Assassins. It’s becoming The Gigi show as she always handles rockstar adversity with such capable aplomb at the wheel – while Johnny is the Bugs Bunny, monkey wrench, Frivolous McGee in her sidecar. He keeps things interesting while she methodically conspires to rule the world with a pink bikini and killer voice as her greatest weapons. Gigi gets what Gigi wants. So, the big question becomes – what will she want next?

–Katherine Recap


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