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Lots of Fetchland readers already subscribe to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or even Marvel Unlimited.

… Which begs the question: When you have access to an almost limitless plethora of entertainment options, which ones should you pick?

“What’s Free Wednesday” is a weekly Fetchland feature spotlighting something great to read or watch available on one or more entertainment services. “Free” once you’ve paid for it, if you grok 🙂

Standup: Five Sure Things

Free on:

  • Netflix

If you’ve ever been to Times Square in NYC then you’ve invariably been asked the question, “Do you like comedy?” by some otherwise unemployable handing out allegedly free tickets to standup shows that are nowhere near Times Square. It’s not really free because there’s a two drink minimum and the drinks are $20 each but YOU said you like comedy. See that’s the trick. It’s a trick question, isn’t it? Everybody likes to laugh. It’s human nature to like comedy. The lure’s a sure thing with those Times Square fisherman using loaded questions as bait.

We deliver this What’s Free Wednesday as a fetchland version of “Do you like comedy?” only in our case we’ll actually deliver great free laughs and you can drink or not as you choose. With the understanding that we all love to laugh and some peeps are just better at delivering the comedy goods than others, we’ve composed a list of the best standup on Netflix. They’re all guaranteed hilarious – Sure Things and we’ll even give you a little blurb for each to tell you why. Are they in any particular order? Hell, yeah they are – best is #1, as it should be. The world is chaotic enough. Even so… all five are fantastic.

1. John Mulaney: New in Town

Mulaney has mastered storytelling with a voice all his own and even though they’re uniquely John’s, each story’s so well told it feels like home. When he talks about Law & Order Special Victims Unit you’ll realize he’s a true bro who lives in the same afternoon TV watching universe you enjoy. Many of his comedic observations are such perfection you actually can’t believe you never articulated these things you’ve always thought. Mulaney’s Trump joke is so remarkably apt and funny it will hold strong through all of Trump’s future media adventures. In fact, this whole standup special stays funny with repeated viewing and it’s certainly destined to be a classic. Best news of all – John Mulaney has a new special coming out on Netflix November 13th called The Comeback Kid. We can’t wait!

2. Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain

First things first, fast forward fifteen minutes to get to the standup act because the beginning is all what a long road it’s been becoming the amazeballs magical comedy man Kevin Hart story stuff. Let’s just get straight to the funny – right? And once you do, there’s still an entire hour of laughing your buttocks off. Hart talks about personal finances and his personal life; including unforgettable stories portraying his hilarious cokehead Dad and vengeful funeral attendees. What makes him special is that Kevin puts his whole heart out there on stage and keeps it 100% real. He’s the kind of comic that makes you feel like you’re best friends out for the night having the most raucous good time ever.

3. Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe

You gotta love Gaffigan, the palest boy next door in the land. He’s got tons of kids and stories galore that are certain to ring true for anyone with a child. Yes, it’s all true. Going to Disney IS just like spending the day waiting in line at the DMV on the surface of the sun. His spiel on photos hits home and then Jim follows it up with hilarious body talk, the magic of black clothes, gym misbehavin’, and, of course… the glorious delights of food. Gaffigan’s real gift is that he can riff on and personify anything – even socks and make you laugh all the while. It’s a small world in Gaffigan’s comedy and his bit on hotels reminds us that even when we venture out into the big wide world we’re still all apparently staying at the same damn place.

4. Gary Gulman: In This Economy

Netflix, the discman, and The Karate Kid are just a few of the multifarious topics explored in this wonderful comedic adventure. A man so special that on his license it says “kind” next to “eyes,” Gulman sticks to his financial theme throughout and keeps us laughing. He shares his recession-busters with us and portrays a gut-busting hilarious conversation between Bill Gates and Trump. Gulman’s specialty lies in the specific details he reminds us about things forgotten, like the receipt paper from Jiffy Lube – perfect for keeping if you just happen to have a 35 ring binder at home. He’s got an awesome take on things with tightly woven stories that carry you away in an entirely new way of making many familiar topics so funny.

5. Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

This was Ansari’s premiere comedy special as standup and his enthusiasm is pure electricity. He does his character Raaaandy, a pretty close approximation to the gentleman Aziz, but still the character adds a little bit of fresh funny to the mix. Mainly his comedy comes from that amusing outrage burning within his special Aziz brand belly. His bit on bedding thread counts is a perfect example of this and it really gets the comedy rolling. The best part of this special is when he talks about messing with his cousin Harris. He really brings us into the Ansari world and how much fun it is to play there. There’s only one drawback to the special – some material, about R Kelly and Kanye for example, may get dated. But Aziz is clearly a comedy keeper and his flagship hour seals the deal.

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