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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Corey, Paulie
Veto Winner – TBD
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Michelle, Nicole
Have-Not Supplement – Sunflower seeds and corn


Meech tells Paulie he’s not Cody and Derrick

The morning of August 13th begins with Paulie on blast in the kitchen at 9:30AM. This may not seem particularly early among normal, working, human folk. But in the BB house they stay up until three to five AM on the regular. So, it’s basically dawn on their timetable. Even though it’s that early Meech is hot to trot and ready to call out Paulie. Paul actually starts the confrontation when he asks Paulie who the one guy he trusts is, “because I know it’s not me, right?” he keeps prodding, which gets the roast rolling.


Blowin’ smoketrails in a death spiral

Paulie can’t drop his defense or ego. He keeps saying he threw the HOHs to “see where the cards would fall,” and after the Veto says he threw it “to see if they’d pull him off”. Even the greatest competitors can’t win every time, Paulie. Those of us out here in the non-BB world are watching the Olympics and there’s only one gold winner each time. One thing’s certain, nobody throws comps when their ass is on the line and we all know yours is in the BB house right now. Paulie’s defensiveness shows up in other ways too, though. Paulie brings up Season 16’s Cody and Derrick numerous times until finally Meech points out that he, “will never be Cody or Derrick,” and finally appeases all the feedsters who’ve been longing for Paulie to hear these words. Not that it would matter if he were one of them. Fact is, the BB game is a vital, living creature and one must adapt their game because no two seasons are exactly alike. Paulie also blames others for his situation, even saying at one point that Zakiyah should have prevented his game from blowing up (BBtime 10:05PM). This the day after he says Bridgette should ask forgiveness in the afterlife from God for standing up to him. Hmmmmm. Seems a tad high and mighty, in our humble opinion.


Paul = Secret Agent man

But turns out the actual high and mighty (Big Brother) didn’t do Paulie any favors with the Veto competition. It’s a crap shoot “type thing,” much to Paulie’s dismay. The houseguests get penalties and prizes including a vacation for Nicole, a weeklong costume for Corey, summerlong apple pie-making for Paulie, and the Veto for Victor. Paul gets a Secret Service agent costume but what’s great about his penalty is all the stuff he has to do as an agent. He has to keep a straight face, pat down each houseguest regularly, and check in at five different checkpoints around the house. Paul can’t take off any of the costume, including the earpiece and sunglasses for the entire week. Only exception is the suit can come off while showering. Corey has to wear his for showering but can take it off to sleep.


Corey in his patriot suit

The Veto theme this season was Zingbot for President! and the houseguests are happy they got to experience the infamous Zingbot’s zingers up close and personal, especially superfan Michelle. It isn’t clear exactly what they zingers were verbatim but Corey seems most bothered by his, which apparently refer to his showmance with Nicole. What else could you have been zinged for, Corey? The way you constantly gaze off into space with a creepy/dreamy expression? Or perhaps how you check out and go blank-face whenever anyone talks to you? Those aren’t necessarily funny zings, Corey… but they are true.


BS on an infinite loop

Meanwhile Paulie pity party campaigns and claims he won’t even stay in the jury house, if evicted, because of his crippling case of claustrophobia. Nicole assures him that, “the place is huge,” but for some reason this does not console our delicate petunia, Paulie. At this point all of the houseguests are pretty sick of Paulie-brand histrionics. You can sense it from watching the body language dynamics around him anyway but it’s ultimately verified when Paulie goes to Diary Room to get his pie instructions and the houseguests immediately started slamming him. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


Cereal’s great but let’s get on those RT Tix

There’s still several days before the live show eviction Thursday night and we’re hoping for some action with the houseguests tickets. Because they expire Thursday, if all the houseguests (other than Corey and Paulie) open their tickets it wouldn’t matter to their game. But it WOULD reveal whether or not Paulie or Corey have the Return Ticket by the process of elimination. This info would be highly valuable to prep before the live show. Paulie actually mentioned it on August 13th in the evening so we have hope that he pushes it. That guy can be mega pushy and maybe he can put it to good use for us. Use your powers for good, Paulie! We’d sure appreciate it.

Best Quotes of August 13th: “I’ve got my hand up an eagle’s ass” – Corey about his costume

“I didn’t have to shower with my sausage” – Nicole about Corey’s costume. He has to wear the whole thing including hand props, even while in the shower.

– Katherine Recap


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