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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Corey, Paulie
Veto Winner – Victor
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Michelle, Nicole
Have-Not Supplement – Sunflower seeds and corn


Zakiyah listens to Natalie

On the August 14th TV show we finally get to see the production version of the Paulie Exposed Party. It’s fun to see how CBS chooses to portray the houseguest dynamics and it’s honestly the best rendering of BB reality we’ve ever seen in 18 seasons. CBS nailed this one. They quickly move into the scene where Nat sits Zak down to tell her about Paulie’s flirtations. Then Nat points out that if P was really protecting Z he would have used the Veto to save her. Sad but seemingly grateful, Z just listens. Next Zakiyah immediately tells all to Paulie and pisses him off, which we know was the plan all along (Natalie is no dummy). Paulie tells Z if he wanted her gone he “would have put her up there and ensured she would leave”. This, of course, doesn’t make Zak feel any better. Funny how Paulie rarely esed her pain whenever she sought him out for exactly that purpose. Meanwhile Natalie tells James about Paulie’s flirtations and he too immediately talks to Paulie. In both of these conversations Paulie keeps slamming “Jersey girls” which isn’t the smartest move, given that he and his family are from New Jersey, as is Zakiyah’s mother.


Paulie summits Nastiness Peek

Then Paulie gets nasty AF to Natalie. He threatens her that she’s going home and telling her she’s “as fake as those things on her chest”. So, there’s a “house meeting” where Paulie gets confronted and douches out in front of EVERYBODY. Zakiyah leaves when it starts to get real. Bridgette stands up to Paulie for what he said to Natalie. Then he’s a major douche with the finale sarcastic clap and everyone seems to take note of how lame he is …except Corey. Paul in the Diary Room says it’s now time to distance himself from PeePee. Meanwhile Victor and Paul jump for joy in the storage room because they’re situated right in the middle of the two sides of the house and can switch between them because they’ve got “friendship” all around.


The Hollywood Squirrels HOH

Corey hosts the HOH competition “Hollywood Squirrels” in a Park Ranger uniform. Everything about the challenge relates to Benny, the BB squirrel. Victor wins with an eagle eye and fast hand on the buzzer. Paulie says he’s happy because now he can “kick back and just cruise,” but what he doesn’t know is that BB cruise ship is about to crash and burn right into “FitVic” world. Paul and Victor play nice with everybody but they’re going to blow up the big boys, Paulie and Corey.


Paul does the nomination dance

The next scene is 90 minutes before the live show when James tells Paulie he’s voting out Zakiyah. Paulie gets super aggressive with James and then confronts Paul about it. Paul in DR says he feels grilled like an ex wife confronting him about his secret family (haha). Paulie tells James he’s “being played by a Jersey girl” and he “better play hard at the next HOH”. Paulie apologizes after but James assures us in the Diary Room that he may forgive but never forgets. Then we see the nomination ceremony where Victor puts Paulie and Corey on the block. Afterward Paulie weeps in the Diary Room and Paul dances… on PeePee’s grave, it appears.

Losing all hope feels a lot like freedom. – Fight Club


Paulie sees a butterfly and weeps

Paulie on the August 14th feeds is a perfect example of this. The guy’s emotional. At one point he sees a butterfly and starts crying. He’s ruminating; pondering the meaning of life, rebelling against BB, and making all sorts of threats about not sticking it out in jury house. This isn’t the Paulie we’ve come to know. Remember the guy who mocked and humiliated Tiff and Michelle for crying when they were on the block? He’s gone. In his place is a new Paulie – Humble Pie Bro.


Waving the pity party pie flag

Meanwhile the other houseguests are still thinking clearly. For instance, Paul suggests to James they start instilling some paranoia in Corey (and Nicole) that he might go, to rattle them for the HOH comp. Then he says, “Sounds like a job for Big Meech,” which is exactly what we were thinking. But that’s really the only game talk in town other than Paulie’s pathetic campaign attempts. The bright side to all of this shifting in the house is that Paulie’s back to being semi-attractive again. In fact, that pie-baking outfit looks REALLY good on him, almost as good as his newfound humility. Paulie’s caught in a loop talking about an ex that hurt him so it’s starting to seem like all that bravado he spouted for the first half of the season was merely a shield to protect his tender heart. The hurting are usually the most hurtful, after all.


Secret Agent – Friendship

When he’s talking about it the houseguests offer condolences and whatnot. They are kind to him. Paulie does take it a little far and he seems to get sadder and sadder as he waves his tiny pie flag for forty minutes as part of his Veto penalty. This is just Paulie’s current phase. We predict it’ll change and probably even before Thursday’s eviction. Meanwhile Paul is making us laugh with his Veto penalty, chasing houseguests for their patdowns and playing his Secret Service Agent role to the max. It makes the show so much fun when the players just succumb to the game and have fun with it. Paul’s the perfect example of this. He’s got a healthy, happy perspective and it’s a joy to watch… unlike all that pity party pie-making and flag-waving.


Photo credit – BBReddit

Victor talked to us feedsters a bit about Big Brother and how he’s grateful to be back in the game. We’re voting for him to get America’s next care package. It’s co-HOH. So, because he can’t play in the next HOH and we want to thank him for shaking the game and the BB house to its foundation with these nominations. Also, he’s mega dreamy. But seriously, there’s a reason they call Victor the Big Brother Jon Snow AKA Juan Snow and it’s not just because he’s dead sexy. He rose like a phoenix. It’s hero time in here! He lit the fire so let’s show appreciation and keep this blaze crackling.

– Katherine Recap


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