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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Corey, Paulie
Veto Winner – Victor
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Michelle, Nicole
Have-Not Supplement – Sunflower seeds and corn


Late night relax n’ chat – BREACHED

On August 15th the feeds are down for long periods because of the Veto ceremony and then a backyard county fair event for the houseguests. So, most of what happens during the day we feedsters figure out from subsequent conversations. This is no challenge after the Veto ceremony because Victor just leaves things as they are. Thus Paulie and Corey remain on the block. No surprises there. The backyard event is another story, though. Feeds are cut every time a houseguest mentions anything from the “county fair” so it’s hard to discern what actually transpires other than some boozin, lots of fun, prizes, and a visit from Ziggy Marley.


Get well soon, Nat Nat

This may or may not be the reason for the “special show” on Friday, August 19th. But the fact that cameras are ultra-responsive with cutting feeds every time it’s mentioned makes this seem likely. Still, we manage to piece together a few facts from the county fair event. Only moments before the event begins Natalie strains her neck and subsequently withstands lots of pain, so it’s no surprise when she’s vomiting later, whether it be from drinking a bit too much to assuage the pain or from the pain itself. James holds the barfbag for her while she’s sick and at one point she asks if he’ll like her any less now. He assures her “No,” and it really does seem that, if anything, this only brings them closer.


Newsflash, Paulie – They don’t give a F***

Other houseguests are less successful in their attempts for deeper connection, especially Paulie. He starts a new sympathy-seeking loop bringing up his Aunt who’s sick with cancer. A low blow that’s been used in reality TV contests like BB before. Jonny Fairplay pretended to find out his grandmother died on Survivor to garner sympathy and it worked, so Paulie’s delving the sympathy strategy archives right about now. Even if he truly does have an Aunt with cancer, Big Brother is just a game. If you were playing scrabble with someone and they brought up a dying relative as a way to get an edge in the game would that be fair play? Yes, that’s why they call him Jonny Fairplay. He didn’t play fair. Fact is, though, Paulie doesn’t have to play fair. He can play as dirty as he likes and do whatever it takes to win. His challenge is that this sympathy strategy isn’t working at all. If anything he’s just alienating himself further from his former bros. In his other loop news, Paulie keeps repeating how he can’t handle going to the jury house like I get it, it’s a mansion resort and luxurious experience for YOU GUYS but I’m not like anyone else, I’m special and delicate. Resort vacations cause me anxiety. So, eyerolls abound every time Paulie leaves the room on August 15th.


Victor is everything… even in a purple towel

Victor spent much of the day cleaning and thus upgraded his position as house dreamboat to “future perfect husband candidate” because America already knew he could cook from the amazeballs rice he made a few days ago. The houseguests are still raving about his cooking. Around midnight, as the rest of the house slept there was a convenient trio in HOH of Victor, Paul, and Michelle – potentially our final three, if all goes as they’d prefer. The threesome checked in a bit about game, basically just to make sure nobody falls for any of Paulie’s BS. But they talked mostly about restaurants and back home, in full relaxation mode. At around one in the morning, though, Paulie and Corey join them for an awkward bit of chitchat that gets nixed quickly when Victor goes to bed. Thus Corey and Paulie are relegated to a game of pool in the backyard. It’s noteworthy that this is the first HOH where the bed truly just sleeps one person. In fact, there were weeks when it slept four (two couples snuggled up). This HOH bed stands as a symbol for how the game’s headed. It’s now each houseguest on their own out there. No matter how tightly some of them may cling to each other right now (ahem, Nicole) this will all fall away sooner rather than later. Fun part is this is when the game really gets rolling too.


Pelican floaties give solid advice

We can’t wait to see it spiral into individuals pitted against each other even as they shout “Friendship” to the mountaintops. Those days are clearly right around the corner and the player best positioned right now seems to be Paul. He’s lining up his jury votes, keeping his hands clean, and making everybody laugh along the way. Nobody’s playing Big Brother better right now. Yes, Victor wins tons of comps, looking amazing all the while AND he battled back into the house. Socially, however, Victor’s on shaky ground with many houseguests. It’s not that he does anything wrong really but he eats more than anyone else and Vic’s direct about the stuff that annoys him… like if you drop a crumb on the floor he just swept. While this isn’t on par with Paulie’s emotional blackmail, nobody wants confrontational Mr. Clean for a roommate either.

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