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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Corey, Paulie
Veto Winner – Victor
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette
Battle Back Winner – Victor
Return Ticket Holder – TBD
Have-Nots – Michelle, Nicole
Have-Not Supplement – Sunflower seeds and corn

The night before August 16th, the houseguests picked pies to determine the next set of Have-Nots. Michelle, James, Victor and Paulie – if he’s still around – got the unlucky Have-Not pies. So, Victor spends all of August 16th cooking and eating in the kitchen, anticipating a week of hunger ahead. Meanwhile in the realm of interior design news, the large kitchen dining table gets broken down to the mini one that seats eight people. This is symbolic and exciting for the houseguests because it represents that they’ve lasted in the house past the midway point.


James cleans up after his girl

Natalie lost mucho gusto because she’s sick, crampy, and still in pain. So, she takes to her bed for some restorative rest after lots of kindness, pep talks, and caring from James. He’s a master healer and says all the right things with just the gentle attention Nat needs. As soon as Natalie expresses a vulnerability, he’s right there telling her how strong she is. At one point she asks if he’s getting “annoyed with all this negativity” and James instantly comes back with a Marilyn Monroe paraphrase, “If I can’t handle you at your worst then I don’t deserve you at your best,” and even though we think that saying is kinda BS, one can’t help but admire James for saying it. He’s racking up major boyfriend points these days. On the less bright side, Natalie still has the neck pain and crankypants to go with it but we’re pulling for her to rock it out by Thursday. One thing we’ve learned for certain this season is that Nat’s tougher than she pretends to be.


Just makin’ some pies, bro

August 16th serves as a major napping day in the Big Brother house with just a few bits of fun interspersed. Of course, there are RED ALERTS for Paul to do his Secret Service agent checkpoints and searches as well as Paulie’s pie time. Paulie does a strip down for one of Paul’s body searches (awkward) and then later in the evening he drops trou with his apron on while making pies. Right on cue, BB calls for another RED ALERT and Paul does a Paulie search – naked tushy and all. Many of the houseguests have fun with these RED ALERTS and disappear or at least require chasing to make the whole experience more fun.


Clapping for Victor’s puppetry

But the most fun arises when Victor snatches up Corey’s eagle, Baldwin, for a fun and furious puppet show. Victor transforms Baldwin the stuffed eagle into an angry old man with ten baby eagles back at his nest in the hood. Baldwin yells at James about money he owes the cranky ass old eagle and berates him to the point that afterward James admitted, “I started to feel like I really owed that stuffed eagle money,” and everybody laughs, in the house as well as feedsters. Victor was truly hilarious as the curmudgeonly eagle, even making the puppet move in all the appropriate motions to intensify his outbursts. This won’t likely make it to the TV show due to the numerous F bombs Victor attributed to Baldwin.


Nicorey nervousing

Meanwhile when it comes to Big Brother gameplay, right now it appears we’ve got three teams settled and squared off against each other. There’s Corey and Nicole, who get more nervous with each passing moment he remains on the block. They spend many hours of August 16th whispering nervously. So, we see the seeds Michelle and James planted sprout into beautiful paranoia petunias in the Nicorey bed of the Toyko room. The other two teams are Paul with Victor and James joined-at-the-hip to Natalie. Where’s Michelle in all this? Still sitting pretty, Meech has situated herself into a strong, unpaired position. Each pair trusts her and would welcome her in their final threesome. All she has to do is keep it up and she’s golden to get through this. Meech helps it all along as she offers herself to be a pawn whenever game talk arises. We think if you asked Michelle who she’d most want to join for final three, she’d say Paul and Victor. And right now it also seems like the most likely scenario.


Bring on the awesome sauce, Nat Nat

But there’s no way to know for certain how the cookie will actually crumble. Like any other game, Big Brother always maintains an intrinsic element of luck and many unexpected twists get thrown into the game too. They keep those houseguests on their toes to never forget they’re playing a game. Even you, James! It’s not the Bachelorette after all… even if you did find the girl of your dreams in the season 18 house. You’re still “playing” Big Brother, bro. We love the Jatalie flirtmance, don’t get us wrong. It’s just that when it gets down to it we’re here to watch ass-kicking game play. When it comes to Jatalie, you gotta look to the Nat Nat side for that particular brand of awesome sauce.

– Katherine Recap


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