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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Nicole
HOH Nominated – Michelle, Paul
Veto Winner – Nicole
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor
Battle Back Winner – Victor & Victor (again)
Return Ticket Holder – Paul
Have-Nots – Victor, Corey
Have-Not Supplement – Squid and seaweed


Wistful and Complaining share a bed

It’s been uber quiet in the Big Brother house and August 30th is no exception. The most interesting houseguests by far remain Victor and Paul, especially given the couple dynamics of the showmances. Natalie and James have slipped into a pattern where she complains constantly while James wistfully wishes they could be kissing right now. It’s not making for the most funtacular feeds.


Michelle… prone

Meech does her best to create excitement from her prone-under-the-blankets-position because she made some comment about selling Big Brother houseguest stolen items on eBay. This happens just as feedsters put it together that each current houseguest has been pissy about missing items, some tweets about this even list out the missing items. At one point Victor even says that he found his missing hoodie in Meech’s bag. Shock and awe. We can hear BB fans typing ferocious tweets at this mention. Cries of “thief!” etc. almost drowning out the seventy billion jokes about how much food Meech keeps shoving in her face… but not quite, the nasty food jokes win by a nose. One of the funniest tweets about Meech’s “theft-gate” scandal comes from Ian Terry, Big Brother 14 contestant. Michelle has said she’d love to meet/date Ian and talks about him frequently in the house… apparently he doesn’t mind.



Hammock Nicorey

So, Meech and Ian haven’t even met yet but are having a more compelling relationship than Nicorey at this point. Surprise, surprise, folks! It’s going nowhere between Nicole and Corey. It’s newsflash city in here. Basically, Nicole talks for nine days solid about how she and Hayden didn’t work out because he wouldn’t ever get married and have kids and blah blah blah. Who told Nicole this was how to communicate? Maybe it was the same person who taught her how to listen because she fails to hear Corey’s many attempts at shutting the conversation down. In fact, the summation of the Nicorey story is that it’s bound for a major shutdown, all systems kaput. He said it at the beginning of the summer anyway, but for those who wonder if Nicole has changed Corey’s mind; he tells Victor on August 30th that, “I’m not coming out of the BB house in a relationship,” thus sealing Nicorey’s fate as a flash-in-the-pan. Shocker.

But not all duos are so banal. Victor and Paul remain boisterous and amusing at all turns. Victor does funny skits as a nature guide while Paul keeps the conversations scintillating – mostly. We just hope they can stay in the house a mighty long time… like maybe until September 22nd, season 18 finale night.

– Katherine Recap


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