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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Nicole
HOH Nominated – Michelle, Paul
Veto Winner – Nicole
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor
Battle Back Winner – Victor & Victor (again)
Return Ticket Holder – Paul
Have-Nots – Victor, Corey
Have-Not Supplement – Squid and seaweed

Nicole didn’t use the Veto in the ceremony of August 29th, so Paul and Michelle remain on the block – no surprises in that. Natalie’s the only one who’s noticed that Paul is all-up-in-that HOH and best buds with Nicorey now …but nobody else seems to care much. In Meech’s case, she’s basically given up and James hasn’t noticed because he’s actually on The Bachelorette right now and not even playing Big Brother. The plan remains to vote out Michelle but there are murmurings of possible interruptions to this on the horizon, as always. Right now, Corey intends to use the bribe on Victor so that he’ll vote Michelle out – as if FitVic would ever vote Paul out anyway, Ha!


Why would anyone evict Paul?

Still, the house seems relatively divided even as everybody pretends otherwise; with Nicorey on one side and Jatalie/Meech on the other. Paul and Victor continue to play the middle and keep everybody feeling comfortable with them, even Meech. It’s interesting how James dropped out of the HOH competition for Nicole and now he sits, resolute, on the opposite side of the house. One thing we know for certain is that in the same situation Victor never would have given it to her. He doesn’t respond to pleading when HOH is on the line. Victor’s playing the game. Unfortunately for those of us determined to be entertained, the houseguests are mostly horizontal these days, getting up to eat and chatting about nothing the majority of the time. But we do enjoy the workout sessions with Corey and Victor. They’ve taken on a new level of charm now that activity in the house has slowed to a crawl.


Corey and FitVic workin’ it out

The current feedster rumor mill worries about the imminent tie vote – a highly likely scenario. James and Natalie are set to evict Paul. While Victor and Corey will vote out Michelle. This tie means Nicole (as HOH) has to vote and break the tie, thus making the ultimate decision and therefore losing that evicted houseguest’s jury vote. Those of us watching the feeds for entertainment value (and NOT because we’re somehow emotionally vested with Michelle) are ready for her to go. She’s in full blown hibernation cave mode now. If all goes as we (and Meech) expect, Nicole would vote to evict her. This has been Nic’s goal all along. And, let’s be honest, she wasn’t getting Meech’s jury vote anyway.

We’ll keep you BB updated on but will also be the first to admit that the feeds are a bit of a snorefest these days. You may be better off just reading this daily recap refresher while spending your valuable time enjoying the last few whiffs of summer. Count on us for the dirt when anything significant happens in the Big Brother house.

– Katherine Recap


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