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There are two different experiences, both called “Big Brother”.

One is the television show Big Brother, as the CBS producers present it to broadcast tv audiences, three times per week. But the other is what is actually going on in the Big Brother house; the experience of the house guests, unfiltered — or at least less filtered — by television editors.

Fetchland presents Ruining Big Brother. It’s less “spoiling” Big Brother and more pulling back the curtain, to ruin our collective illusions about reality television. Enjoy! Or better yet, recoil in horror

Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Nicole
HOH Nominated – Jozea, Paulie
Roadkill Comp Winner – Frank
RK Nominated – Paul
Veto Winner – Paul

Have-Nots – currently none
Punishment Status – Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, Paulie wear nudie pixel suits

Team Unicorn is safe for first 2 evictions
Corey, Tiffany are safe for 2nd eviction

Team Big Sister: Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea
Team Category 4: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette
Team Freakazoids: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany
Team Unicorn: James, Natalie, Victor, Bronte

June 24th was a costume-filled extravaganza… OK, not really but there were a lot of costumes. Many in the house are currently gunning for Jozea to go home this week and thus are quick to point out his flaws as soon as he’s out of earshot. This is classic BB and, let’s just be really honest, humanity at large.

Michelle wore a fire hydrant costume to host the veto comp. Da’Vonne and Corey played along with Nicole, Jozea, Paulie, and Paul. Afterwards feedsters quickly found out Paul won the veto. We don’t know much about the Roadkill Competition yet (it’s a new one) but we do know it enabled the winner, Frank, to add Paul to the eviction block in a secret twist. Nobody else in the house is aware that it was Frank who won and many houseguests wrongly assume it was Nicole. So, now that Paul won veto and will take himself off the block, Frank will (secretly) name a replacement when the time comes. The veto challenge players wore doggie costumes to go along with Michelle’s hydrant, and the competition involved stacking, spinning and crawling through a tunnel. Afterward the players were nauseated and complainier than usual. Oh the spinning, oh the tunnel, of the indignity of it all… Veto players wore their dog suits for a long time, which made the serious discourse of the 2am “pre-meeting” funnier than it was intended. Paul also wore his veto around his neck much longer than anyone has in BB history.


We own this house!

The now notorious non-starter two am meetings are still getting called daily by Jozea and then not happening at all. This time, though he says the meeting is “crucial”, and everyone but Tiffany’s invited. The meeting never happens but they do hold a pre-meeting with Team Big Sister, Team Unicorn, and Paulie to discuss who they’d put up in place of Paul when he takes himself off the block with the veto. This shows how these newbies don’t really know how it works because the one with the power to nominate is always also the one who decides the re-nomination after a veto removal. Because the houseguests don’t know who nominated Paul, there’s really no way for them to influence the replacement. Jozea got the meeting pumpin’ to the jam with a pep talk saying they “own the house!!” although this couldn’t be farther from the current reality. In fact, right now it looks like Jozea will be the one going home – first evicted. His game strategy is to tell the HOH she’s the target and then walk around the house as if he owns the place… which seems more like a Joffrey Lannister impression than a Big Brother strategy.


Paulie converses in his nudie pixel costume

Tiffany finally told Paulie she’s Vanessa’s sister and they bonded a little with how much they feel like they fit in better with the veterans than most of the newbie “crazy people”. Big Brother boozes them up a bit and several of them shotgun beers before a hasty round of Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare, with gross-out tasks. It all concluded with Victor doing a nudie pixel streak with a borrowed butt placard. He’s a handsome fella but nobody’s falling for his schtick thus far.


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