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There are two different experiences, both called “Big Brother”.

One is the television show Big Brother, as the CBS producers present it to broadcast tv audiences, three times per week. But the other is what is actually going on in the Big Brother house; the experience of the house guests, unfiltered — or at least less filtered — by television editors.

Fetchland presents Ruining Big Brother. It’s less “spoiling” Big Brother and more pulling back the curtain, to ruin our collective illusions about reality television. Enjoy! Or better yet, recoil in horror

Daily BB House Stats:

HOH – Bridgette
HOH Nominated – Tiffany, Paul
Roadkill Comp Winner – Frank
RK Nominated – Bronte
Veto Winner – Bridgette
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor
Battle Back challenge – Glenn, Jozea, Victor

22nd will be a special Battle Back episode of Big Brother

Have-Nots – Team Freakzoid: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany
Safe team this week – Category4: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette

Team Big Sister: Da’vonne, Paul, Zakiyah
Team Category 4: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette
Team Freakazoids: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany
Team Unicorn: James, Natalie, Bronte


Deciding to keep Tiffany and oust Bronte

Big Brother house or Waffle House? July 12th feeds raise this question high to the sky because these houseguests have officially moved into waffle city. Everybody is up each other’s butts with whispers and plans while shifting back and forth between tactical choices. Most of the plans involved changing the vote to send out Bronte rather than Tiff and then they evolved into taking out Frank next week.

After a swift resolution among Nicole, Michelle, Mama Day, James, and Zakiyah to get Bronte out and keep Tiffany this week, Paulie poo pooed the whole deal. He quickly convinced Zakiyah applying his sensual magic superpowers in a hammock chat. Then, much more slowly and carefully, he shifted the others back to evicting Tiffany with a long talk on the fake grass. So, after all this backyard discussion, the houseguests shifted gears back to evicting Tiffany. It helped when Paul came out to join them and they were forced to change the conversation anyway. Not only is Paul “on the block” this week but Bronte is “his girl” so any talk about ousting her has to end when he comes around. Thus the convo changes  to the topic of getting Frank out and all the potential scenarios for doing it. Paul has established a new habit of referring to himself as “your boy” which is a nice little trick that makes them feel like he’s on their side. It’s kind of simple and obvious but seems to be working too.


The BIG backyard convo – led by Paulie

Confusion reigned all night long because alliances crumbled like chips on game day as character loyalties flipped with each conversation. The Mayor of Waffle City prize probably goes to Paul who has basically every iteration of alliances convinced he’s their willing pawn. There was a hilarious conversation in the London room that began with Day/Corey/Nicole/Michelle at around 3:30AM Big Brother time and was still rolling full blast, with Paul and James now included, after five AM. The main focus of the convo circled around the question: How do we get Frank out pre-jury? The bonus being a Bridgette/Better Crocker eviction.


Michelle confronts “your boy” Paul

At one point “your boy” Paul joins them to talk a big game about how he’d nominate Frank if he won HOH and gives great speech for what he’d say to Frank = TV gold and getting everybody excited. James played the voice of reason role at times, giving examples of how you never know what might happen from his previous season. He says the least risky route is the backdoor plan but they never really land on a plan because, after all, it’s pointless. Who knows what’ll actually happen next week? If any of them did they’d be buying a PowerBall ticket, not sitting in a cage with twelve strangers they can’t stand. There are so many houseguests it makes for countless potential scenarios but they’ll try to consider all of them anyway. All the while Michelle keeps the laughs coming with cute quips.


Mama Day muttering “stupid, stupid people”

In the end at around five or six AM Paul tells Bronte that the info he’s told her is getting back to James via Natalie. Bronte immediately tells Natalie this and then when Paul sees them whispering frantically  in the bathroom they tell him it’s because Natalie got her period. He jokes around with them to try to ease the tension and then reports back to Corey, Nicole and Day that they weren’t freaking about anything game-related. At the same time James talks to Bridgette which Da’vonne sees as she walks by, Day tells the others she saw this and assumes he’s collecting information and the circle goes round and round an the painted ponies go up and down. This was the tenor of the night and even the early morning on and on and on.

In the end pretty much everybody ended up with a smear on their character; some more innocuous than others. Of all of them, Michelle probably ended up with the fewest scars. Her worst crime was when Paul entered the London room during the BIG conversation and she confronted him outright in front of everyone about one of the things they were wondering if he did (telling Bronte something). Others took a lot more heat, whether they knew it or not. Nicole got busted for being in on Frank’s plan to backdoor Mama Day, Paul and James were called out for giving too much info to their “showmances,” Natalie and Bronte. Bridgette and Frank both got slammed continuously for their HOHitis and subsequent master-of-the-house attitudes. But the biggest overall conclusion seems to be that all the showmances are “on blast” as they like to say in the BB House. The only houseguests not paired up in any way (Frank and Bridgette are an honorary showmance BTW) are Mama Day, Tiffany, and Michelle. So, arrows were flying at all the duos and defenses were raised.


An eternal strategic chat as dawn breaks

After all the early morning strategizing, Paul made bacon breakfast, like the home-maker extraordinaire he’s recently become, filling the fractured Big Brother house with the smells of a happy, functional homestead. Yes, folks, it’s that easy to make it all better the morning after a long night of gossip, strategy, and slander.

Quote of the day:

Paul: When you guys see my DR sessions you’re all going to effin’ be in tears.

Michelle: I’m glad… somebody’s gonna have to make up for mine. They’re terrible.

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– Katherine Recap


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