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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Corey
HOH Nominated – Victor and Paul
Veto Winner – Nicole
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor #11 Michelle #12 Natalie

Our Special Character/App Edition on Big Brother 18 for September 18th

The feeds are down until after we (likely) find out that our beloved Puerto Rican Sensation permanently left the building on the Tuesday night special show. So, there’s not much to say about the Big Brother house feeds for September 12th. Instead we’ll play a matching game – current BB18 houseguests to phone apps. Who matches what?… and why? Well, lucky you, we’ve got answers to these crucial and life-changing questions.

Victor – Music

VictorMusic. You need it. You want it. It’s a welcome part of your everyday experience. Music’s likely one of the first apps you click on your phone to escape the daily doldrums out there in the world and drift into that favorite song or playlist. It takes you to a better place. Victor brings this same feeling to the Big Brother 18 house. Maybe it’s because he left and came back, so we missed him… twice. One of those you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone type-things. Imagine if you woke up one morning and your music app was gone. You’d sure as heck miss it. That’s how we feel thinking that Victor’s gone and most likely how Paul feels too. In fact, Paul probably feels it double duty because he’s a guitarist stuck in the house without his guitar. Music left Paul on every level.

Paul – Words With Friends


Paul’s really into friendship. We know that for certain. But there’s so much more to Paul than that. Up till Zingbot shamed him out of his sayings, Paul’s all about blazing words like a firestorm in the BB house. He coins catchphrases and shouts them, to the roof with joy. Also, Paul loves to get into debates with people – likely because he usually wins. The guy won’t back down when it comes to words and we love that about him. He keeps the BB18 house cookin’ and it’s not just about makin’ muffins anymore, folks! Paul’s great with words and a terrific friend. He’s that friend who tells you the harshest truth in a way you can really hear it and even make you laugh at your own faults. Paul connects with people because he sees the flaws in himself and laughs then too. That’s true friendship.

James – Apple Watch


Remember when the Apple Watch first came out? We never got an Apple Watch either… yet we still have that damn Apple Watch app on our phone. In fact, we’ve long suspected that app may be the reason our phone drains so much faster now. Started happening right after it showed up in our apps – coincidence? It’s a leech app – contributes nothing and drains drains drains all our battery’s energy. Worst of all, it won’t delete. We can’t get it off our phone. It refuses to budge no matter what we do. Meanwhile it does NOTHING. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s right. We just described James. The nice thing about the Apple Watch app, though, is that at least we can hide it way in the back of the third page in our “infrequent use” file where the tumbleweeds blow. If only we could do that with James! He just stays in there eviction after eviction. We can’t even keep hope alive for his exit because Lame James never even goes on the block.

Nicole – Tic Tac Toe


Ever played Tic Tac Toe? Sure you did. We all remember it. But funny how it’s a distant memory for us all, isn’t it? Nobody plays after awhile because it’s the same darn thing, a one trick pony of a game. A chicken can play and even win consistently. Sound familiar? Yeah, that’s Nicole and her game strategy. The days of yore, when Tic Tac Toe challenges you and Nicole’s merely cute and quirky are long gone. It looks like she might even make final three this seasonSome feedsters suspect production cajoled Nicole in certain directions and perhaps even assisted her gameplay. That could be true, we don’t know. We actually don’t really care because either way, she’s lost her midwestern luster in our eyes. We still think she’s cute, of course, but in the same way a chicken winning Tic Tac Toe is. Sure, adorable.. but it also reminds us how downright simple humans can be.

Corey – Drink Water Daily


Corey never fails to bore us to death. We actually die most days when we see him and stay that way while he’s onscreen. It’s like a whole Flatliners scenario every time. Usually Paul serves as an adrenaline shot to bring us back to life after we flatline out of Borey Corey Boredom. So, the app that reminds people to drink water every day is a perfect icon for Corey. Is it really that hard to remember to drink water? No. You can’t possibly need this. You will DIE without water. Survival instinct will kick in at some point and you’ll drink it. Period. Corey reminds us of a stereotype, not a real person. He’s sporty and attractive. He loves Christmas and dogs. What else do we know about Corey? He’s a frat boy. It’s all SO enthralling. Look, we know there’s probably more to Corey. Of course there is. He has to be more interesting than this! That bottle of water has a meaningful check mark on it granting it a tiny sense of mystery… and Corey has a sense of mystery too. That’s why Nicole keeps asking him about his secret. Even in her puppy love state of adoration about Corey, she assumes there must be more to him.

Tuesday the Big Brother TV show airs, so we’ll be back to our regular brand of posts here at Ruining Big Brother on but we hope you enjoyed this special edition as well.

– Katherine Recap


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