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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH –┬áVictor
HOH Nominated –┬áNatalie, James
Veto Winner – Corey
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor #11 Michelle

High drama in the Big Brother house September 6th! At a bit after midnight (about twenty minutes) Victor and Paul play pool in the backyard while Natalie and James chat in the hot tub. Suddenly a bombastic sound emanates across the plastic grass… a bullhorn/loudspeaker. Five times the megaphone tells the backyard houseguests that James and Nicole had a preseason alliance. The look on Natalie’s face = priceless. Meanwhile Paul and Victor appear to have heard it too. Let the games begin!


James on the outskirts

But instead of this leading to Nicole and James on blast, Natalie gets the shaft. The feeds go out for us but after they come back we find out that James tried to make Natalie feel badly then trashed her to the others. Meanwhile all Nat really did (in this instance) was hear the bullhorn. James turns on her to distract from what the bullhorn said – which incriminates his ass hardcore if she focuses in on it. James goes to sit with the others (n the awkward outskirts of their comfortable conversation group. He shit-talks Nat and says he’s struggled to “keep it together for 80 days,” as if she’s been torture for him in the house. But we’ve all seen how happy he was with her, including the other houseguests. Later when James hashes it out with her, Natalie (correctly) says she never threw him under the bus. In fact, she even made herself, “look like an asshole campaigning for you to stay to Paul and Victor,” which is true. Apparently when James went off on her he dug deep and even accused Natalie of being with several other guys in the house before settling on him as the dregs, a last choice type thing. After this he claims he just wanted to apologize for lashing out at her but is getting nowhere. Natalie has flaws like the rest of us but she’d not as dumb as she pretends. She heard the bullhorn.


James talks to an angry pile of blankets

Many times over the summer Natalie asked James about his alliances other than with her and he’s always said there weren’t any with Nicole. In fact, he usually likes to immediately change the topic to their personal relationship. James does this time and time again. As the wee hours of the early morning are upon them, James tells the back of Natalie’s head he wants to talk about their personal relationship rather than game. Blah blah blah follows from there. I pushed you away because I’m afraid, etc. and they both speak in the past tense about, “I really liked you,” and “I really liked you too,” until it seems like maybe Natalie has fallen asleep and James is pouring his heart out to the back of a pissy cheerleader’s head. But then Natalie turns to look at him so we see she’s listening after all. James claims their personalities don’t match so well because he wants to talk stuff out and she wants to avoid relationship stuff with him. She’s been blocking her feelings, James says and, “I haven’t been blocking shit,” nervous giggle. Yeah, no kidding James. Everybody freakin’ knows about how you slipped in the ‘L’ word.


James realizes he’s screwed either way

What we didn’t get to see on the feeds, though, were the specifics of how James lashes out at Natalie right after the bullhorn incident. He hurt her feelings, she says and his strategy works for awhile as far as creating a distraction from what the bullhorn said. But Natalie does bring it up at about four in the morning saying that if it’s true what the bullhorn said she’d be really sad that he lied to her. He keeps insisting it’s not true about him and Nicole… Seems like James feels pretty guilty too because he says dumb stuff about how she can “cut off one of his fingers after the show is over,” as if that’s consolation. If you haven’t got an alliance with Nicole, what’s the finger for, James? He asks Natalie if they’re broken up many many times and she only ever replies that she doesn’t know. So, James tells Nat she better let him know their relationship status in the next twenty four hours because one of them is leaving and he won’t know if he’s single or not. The horror.

More interesting fallout will follow if it turns out Paul and Victor heard the bullhorn, believe what it said, and win HOH next. If all those circumstances fall into place, it might just be Nicole and James up on the block next week. And if you look at our featured photo this week in which you can see quite clearly that Natalie DEFINITELY heard the bullhorn while Victor and Paul stand right beside her… Well, dreams can come true, folks! Stay tuned to for all the imminent dramatics because CBS most likely won’t show the bullhorn incident or explain its dramatic backlash on the TV show.

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