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Daily BB House Stats:
HOH – Victor
HOH Nominated – Natalie, James
Veto Winner – Corey
Evicted – #1 Jozea #2 Victor #3 Bronte #4 Tiffany #5 Frank #6 Da’vonne #7 Zakiyah #8 Bridgette #9 Paulie #10 Victor #11 Michelle

NicoleThe September 7th TV show begins as Nicole weeps. It’s apparently because James is on the block and she feels guilty; wah wah wah. Funny and beyond ridiculous given how low stress Nicole’s BB has been. She hasn’t even been on the block and barely gets out of bed. We love the amusing stuff, though, so keep it coming, Big Brother! But then the show’s primary drama starts when the Final Four alliance start shit-talking Natalie for feeling confident and happy about being a pawn next to james. They’re determined to win the Veto. Turns out, it’s a pretty rad Veto competition this week and even involves strategic thinking – cool! However,  not cool everything is cool in the BB house lately, especially not the Jatalie situation.


Natalie miscommunicates crucial info

James gets annoyed with Natalie for not liking that he made her vote Victor out when she wanted to vote Corey out. As if Natalie should blindly forgive his bad decision without comment even though it’s the reason they’re both on the block. She then apologizes to Paul and Victor for betraying them and they see it as her throwing James under the bus. To be fair it could have been perceived this way. But when she talks about it later, Natalie says she was really talking about how Corey and Nicole as an undue and untrustworthy influence. This (according to the TV show) then seals the Final Four’s decision to send Natalie home this week. Though on the feeds it seemed like it was actually her near Veto win that sealed her fate. Maybe that distinction doesn’t matter on its face… but it shows how critical clear communication can be in the game. Natalie wasn’t clear when she spoke to Paul and Victor. If she’d been articulate about what she meant, specifically putting Nicole and Corey on blast, it could have made a difference in her game.

CoreySpeaking of “on blast” next we see the Veto competition and it’s all about Magyver, the new remix of an old show that’s launching on CBS this Fall. Natalie introduces the competition and kicks ass at the challenge, taking us through through the process one step at a time as she explains her thinking and actions. She does a fantastic job. It’s a scintillating competition that requires thinking on your feet and beating the clock with ingenuity. None of the other houseguests even come close to Natalie’s time except Corey who, of course, kills it and wins the whole shebang. This makes us think Corey is a hell of a lot smarter than he pretends. He’s playing a Natalie style game, bro! Speaking of Nat Nat, she knows right away, after the Veto challenge ends, that they’re going to vote her out.



Meanwhile the tension continues to build between Natalie and James. She confronts him about a deal with Nicole and Corey. Then she says those sad sad words, “I followed you into the dark because I trusted them and now I’m going home for it,” because she’s pissed.  James overreacts when Natalie says, “I’ll never talk to you again if you team up with Nicole and Corey after I leave this house,” deciding that she’s turned on him. After that; just to sprinkle salt in the raw wound, Paul and Victor tell James that Natalie threw his name under the bus which majorly bums him out. #SadJames now officially replaces #SadMeech.

It’s no surprise, in the end of the episode that Corey doesn’t use the Veto. If he takes anyone down then naturally, Nicole goes on the block. Thus ends this depiction of James as a victim when really we think he’s just getting his due… but not nearly as much as he deserves. The guy is a rubber band ball of winding, rubbery bad decisions – consequences just bounce right off him. Feeds stayed relatively flat on September 7th but it’s cool, baby, because next we have the live eviction. Then the new HOH competition will air on the feeds to follow the live show Thursday night. It’s gonna be a rockin’ and rowdy night. Stay tuned to for the results of this next HOH and keep in mind it’s all coming down to the wire now. There are only two weeks left of Big Brother Season 18!

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